Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playing With Blocks

Brighton was starting to get a little cranky and tired, and not playing along as wonderfully as she was BEFORE I pulled out the camera. But she's still so cute! She was laughing hysterically every time she knocked down the tower of blocks.

Cottage Cheese

Yes, Brighton is old enough to now move on to some dairy products. She's not too fond of cheese, but she loved the cottage cheese that I gave her. She ate a whole bowl!

Got Milk?
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Yo Quiero Taco Bell

We stopped off at Dale's weakness, Taco Bell, for some dinner on our way home from Hood River. I gave Brighton my water cup and you would have thought it was a pony for how excited she got. She played with it for hours.

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Where am I?

I thought I was in Washington, but what is all this dry grass and dirt? What's with the stickly bushes? This looks like Arizona!!!
Except for this whole lots of water thing...

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This is an exact replica of what England's Stonehenge would have looked like if it wasn't falling apart. It is a war memorial donated by Sam Hill for thirteen men.

This is the altar stone. Brighton and I were going to ask someone to take our picture, but there wasn't anyone there. So, we have a really awful one proving that we were there, and that it was intensely windy.
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Maryhill Museum of Art

Brighton and I were driving to the museum our last day in Oregon. It was on 6,000 acres of land and included a winery, gardens, and a couple other museums. There were tons of peacocks just roaming around the grounds and they came right up to us when we got out of the car.
Lovely view of the Columbia River and some people going to the gardens.
I thought these were amazing. During WWII there wasn't enough fabric to make full size collections of the fashions in France. A puppeteer and set designer was hired to make these dolls and their wardrobes. These dolls are wearing couture fashions and every accessory is finely detailed. There were tons of these in the museum.
This is the museum. I know, stunning. Sam Hill built this in the early 1900's entirely out of concrete. He never ended up living in it because some business he was getting into went sour, and so he donated it as a museum.
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In the Country

Brighton and I went for a lovely drive our last day in Oregon. We're actually on a road in Washington, but we had to cross a bridge over the Columbia River to get here. It was absolutely beautiful that day. And very VERY windy. Not my most favorite...

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Chinese Food

Dale took Brighton and I out for Chinese food while we were in Oregon. Brighton loved her placemat! She was eating it, tearing it, and just loving the noises the paper made. Dale was moving it around and smacking it, and that drove her wild! It was during this restaurant visit that Brighton had her first taste of steamed rice and potstickers.
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Playin' at the Hotel

Check out Brighton's hair in the morning! Ace Ventura, eat your heart out!
Playing with her toys.

She's such a ham!
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First Movie

Monday night, for dinner, Dale's work team had pizza in a movie theater (it's one of those dinner and a movie places) and we got to see part of Indian Jones. Part, because Brighton was a bit overwhelmed by the noise. That little shadow on the screen in the picture above is Brighton's pony tail sticking staight up.
Brighton watching the movie.
Brighton looking at me take her picture.
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Eatin' Cheerios

We drove to Hood River, Oregon as soon as we got back from Vegas. Dale had a district meeting and was able to bring the family along this time. Brighton and I were bored, so we filmed her eating cheerios. Enjoy!
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Shawn's brother Kendal was having his 26th birthday party while we were there, so we got to tag along to Mom Simpson's house for a BBQ and good company. Shawn was keeping Brighton entertained until dinner was ready for us to chow down.
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I just love this fountain, and it's even pretty during the day. I always liked it, but now I think of Ocean's 11 and love it even more.
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Well, not really Paris, but still, an Eiffel Tower. It was just such a beautiful day when we were in Vegas, I was loving it!

This sign behind Brighton says, "Everything's Sexier in Paris."

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This was a ceiling in one of the casinos. It's all glass and it looks so awesome I had to get a picture.
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