Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maryhill Museum of Art

Brighton and I were driving to the museum our last day in Oregon. It was on 6,000 acres of land and included a winery, gardens, and a couple other museums. There were tons of peacocks just roaming around the grounds and they came right up to us when we got out of the car.
Lovely view of the Columbia River and some people going to the gardens.
I thought these were amazing. During WWII there wasn't enough fabric to make full size collections of the fashions in France. A puppeteer and set designer was hired to make these dolls and their wardrobes. These dolls are wearing couture fashions and every accessory is finely detailed. There were tons of these in the museum.
This is the museum. I know, stunning. Sam Hill built this in the early 1900's entirely out of concrete. He never ended up living in it because some business he was getting into went sour, and so he donated it as a museum.
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