Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thrift Store Find

I just wanted to share my really cool find with you. I was digging at the thrift store and found these Russian nesting dolls! Cool, huh?
They were only $3 and are in really great shape, with a "made in USSR" sticker on the bottom. I just love that they're little grumpy gnomes. Or maybe they're the Seven Dwarfs?
Aren't they so cute?! Brighton and I love playing with them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lang's Pony Farm

We took Brighton to Lang's Pony Farm for her 3rd birthday. She had so much fun!

She got to pick out a helmet and her pony. She seemed nervous and I was worried she wouldn't want to ride one.
She got her boots in the stirrups and held onto the reins and was excited to go after she met Popeye up close (that's the pony's name). He was the smallest pony they had.
Here's the birthday girl with her guide.
Brighton kept slipping off to one side of the saddle and her guide had to keep pushing her back on.
Making a stop at the barn.
We went on a 30 minute forest trail ride. Popeye did awesome and only stopped once to go to the bathroom. I just liked how this picture turned out.
B practiced telling Popeye "WHOA!" and pulling up on the reins.
Nice job!
A photo op by the lake.
This is my favorite one of the day. She looks like a pro.
We asked her what horses say and she neighs at us. Then Popeye started to neigh really loud. At first Brighton looked scared, but then she started laughing and neighing with him. It was too funny.
After the ride, she told Popeye thank you and gave him a big hug and kiss.
Happy 3rd Birthday Brighton. We love you! Thanks for being so awesome Popeye.

Castle Park

We went to what we call "The Castle Park" on one of the nicer days at the end of September. I don't know what it's real name is. The jungle gym is made entirely of wood.
Dale actually let go of Mason and he held on. I just missed the photo op.
There are little secret passage ways and hiding places throughout.
We told Brighton that in order to play at the castle, she had to wear her princess crown. She was all for it, of course.
Going down the slide.
Mason had fun driving.
Brighton and Mommy locked in the tower.
Oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?
Mason going down the slide.
This is after he got tired of trying to climb up the slide.
Brighton running around the castle.
Dale hanging out in the castle.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Arlington Runners Club 5&10K

On September 25, I ran in another race. This was a smaller, local one for charity. I really liked the feel of it. I've only done the huge ones, and you kinda get lost in the crowd. At this one, we all got to talk before the race and I was running by myself once the 5k people turned around (I ran the 10k).
Dale stopped every now and then to take pictures of me.
And Brighton got out and waved almost every time. She was so excited to send me off to the race that morning (now whenever I put on my running shoes, she always asks me if she can come to the race and run, too)
She ran a little ways with me.
Finishing strong!
I ran the 6.2 miles in 50:59. There was a guy who ran it in like 35 minutes or something crazy like that, and another girl who was a few minutes ahead of me.

There were 22 people who ran the 10k. I got third place overall, second place for females, and 1st place for the 20-29 division. I actually placed! I love these local races.

Marysville Touch-A-Truck

On September 11, we went to Touch-A-Truck. There we tons of trucks and tractors!
Brighton got a fire hat and got to sit in a real fire truck. She's been a obsessed with firemen lately- and not in the way you'd think. Unlike me, she's not thinking how cute they are, but how cool their jobs are.
She watches the "Barney's Trip to the Firehouse" on a regular basis. She was way excited about riding shotgun.
Me, Mason, Brighton and Kassie hanging out on the back of the fire truck.
Brighton was able to check out a real ambulance,
and drive a K-9 Police cruiser (with the actual K-9 in the back!).
She was telling me that she drove this police car.
Checking out the steering on a SWAT car (that's what it looked like to me).
See? A huge black tank.

There were tons of different kinds of tractors besides all the cool garbage trucks and dump trucks. Brighton was one proud farmer in this one.
Checking out all the different buttons and gears.
Of course, B had to check out the bouncy house.
And finally, there was a snow plow. This thing is pretty big, huh?

We had a blast at Touch-A-Truck. There was so much to see and do! And it was free, which you really can't beat. Keep your eyes out for it in the paper next year- you've got to check it out.

Gymboree Birthday Party

So much good stuff I had to resort to a collage because there were WAY too many fun pictures. We went to a birthday party at a Gymboree Play place. So fun! The kiddos had a great time singing, pretending to be dinasaurs, popping bubbles, climbing on everything in sight, and best of all- the parachute. Even all the adults had fun with that one.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wreath Giveaway WINNER

I had my little helper give me a hand for the Christmas Wreath winner.
We put all the names in this dish...
Carefully picked and started to unfold...
And the winner is:


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

very cute wreath Kim! I love it. The ribbon you chose is very pretty and your red door looks great with it too! Yay for RED! I'd love to partake of your craftiness :)

Congrats Brittany! This will be a great housewarming gift for you. Luckily Brittany lives close, so I'll swing by tomorrow and drop it off. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm just fishing for compliments and you all feed my ego sooooo well.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving to be over with so we can get on to Christmas!