Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kassie's 18th Birthday #2

Connor and Brighton. Despite what you may think from this picture, B and Con-man are best buddies.
Mom and me.
Dad's bowl of food.
Eating Crab Pot style: dump the food on the table, put on your bib, roll up your sleeves and eat with your hands. Love it!

We're ready to dig in! Well, hammer our way in...

Kaylee and Kassie. Yes, Kaylee got a burger- she's the black sheep on the family and doesn't like seafood. Weird, I know. Well, Dale got a burger too so I guess they're both weird together.

Of course, the birthday girl got some ice cream to celebrate and we all helped her finish it.

Everyone got a ride on the carousel, and Kaylee's picture is the only one that didn't turn out awful.


Grandpa and Brighton.
Grandpa sneaks a kiss!
Cute girl! Miss B with a weird clown.
Mom and Dad.
Miss B looking so cute walking on the pier.
Kaylee, me and Kassie. We ate so much it's coming back up!
But seriously, good food.

Kassie's 18th Birthday #1

Kassie got to celebrate her 18th birthday here in Seattle! The rest of the family (my parents, sister Kaylee, and little brother Connor) flew in and we went straight to... The Crab Pot. Yes, we ate there again. It's so good!

Taking random pictures while driving into Seattle:

Seriously, this boy is so attached to his pacifier. It's going to be torture taking it away in a few months.
There it is: The Crab Pot!
Grandpa showing Mason how the mallet works.
Cute Kaylee and Kassie. Remember the voodoo doll? That's why Kay's hair is so very red- to save it from falling out!

Ok, blogger is at it again- Kassie's Birthday dinner to be continued!

Mason and Kassie Get Silly

I don't know what inspired this, but we put little swimmers on Mason and Kassie's head.
Mason thought it would work with the ladies, and I guess it did.

They may be diapers, but Mason still looks like a stud muffin.

Brighton's Faces

Surprised happiness.
Forced sadness.
Dirty mischief.
Chocolate pudding.

Mini Photo Shoot

My sister just looked so cute I wanted to take some pictures.
Seriously, she's so gorgeous!
And funny!
Thanks for letting me snag some pix Kass!
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Adventures In Food

This isn't all of the adventures because some went by very quickly (we LOVE food, ok?!) before we could snag a picture.
At the famous Crab Pot in Seattle. Kassie shares my love of sea food and we dived into a bowl of crab legs. With butter. Yum.
Oh yeah, we love to beat our food with mallets.
We also went to Frost Doughnuts because we couldn't turn these beauties down. Each one is a work of baked art. Mine was red velvet (on the left) and I don't remember what Kassie's was- white chocolate something and it was good!
They had little kids' books which helped keep Brighton entertained.
SOOOOO good. And the place was decorated all in pink and brown. It was just fun to be there.
With some nice free hot chocolate. There was a really cute boy that worked there and he was checking my cute little sister out. She got us free hot chocolate. Beauty has it's perks.

Jetty Island #3

Little bathing beauty. We had a picnic lunch and played in the sand and then got packed up and ready to go so we could get home for naps.
We thought this was cute- the litter monster.
Turns out, something broke on the ferry and we had to wait an hour and a half to get off the island. Mason cried the whole time because he was tired. But Brighton didn't pee her pants, so all in all it was a good day!

Jetty Island #2

It was a little chilly early in the morning but as soon as we started running around, we were warming up!
Brighton had fun squishing and sinking in the mud and finding sticks.
Mason, who still hadn't quite figured out walking yet, had fun crawling and splashing himself in the face with ice cold water and mud.
And they found slimy green stuff. Why do kids love the gross stuff?
This is my favorite picture of the day. Mason just looks so happy to be wet and muddy.