Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kassie's 18th Birthday #1

Kassie got to celebrate her 18th birthday here in Seattle! The rest of the family (my parents, sister Kaylee, and little brother Connor) flew in and we went straight to... The Crab Pot. Yes, we ate there again. It's so good!

Taking random pictures while driving into Seattle:

Seriously, this boy is so attached to his pacifier. It's going to be torture taking it away in a few months.
There it is: The Crab Pot!
Grandpa showing Mason how the mallet works.
Cute Kaylee and Kassie. Remember the voodoo doll? That's why Kay's hair is so very red- to save it from falling out!

Ok, blogger is at it again- Kassie's Birthday dinner to be continued!

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