Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I just love all these!

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

This girl just gives her stuff away and she makes the cutest things! Hopefully I'll win this one... I never seem to win anything, ever...

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Hair Clips!

So, I've been making a lot of Brighton's hair clips to match her outfits, and just having such a fun time with it, that I wanted to make some for others to enjoy! I have about twenty different ones that I've put up for sale on Etsy. Here's just a random sample of some of my fav's.

Check them out here. Tell your friends who have little girls! mostmresh.etsy.com
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Sitting up in Bed

Like I said before, Brighton's been a bit behind the whole mobility and muscle coordination, but this last week, she's started putting herself into the sitting position! Every time I go and get her up, she's always sitting up to greet me now! I love it! Now we've just got to start lowering the mattress so she won't try to pull herself out. She's growing too fast!
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Play Date

Bri and Kaylin came over to our house a few weeks ago (I know, I'm way behind on the blog!) and hung out with Brighton and I all day! Bri went to go pick up Eric from golfing and I distracted Kaylin with an oreo. It was a big hit.

Brighton and Kaylin were having tons of fun, and Kaylin was trying to teach her how to talk...
And jump up and down! Thanks for coming and visiting with us Bri and Kaylin!
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Pretty in Pink!

So Brighton wasn't completely cooperating, but this is a new dress that I made her. I've had the fabric sitting around for months and finally just started working on my pile of projects that I've got going on. It seems I start one and never finish and another one wisks me away... And her fancy new leg warmers that I made! I just love them!
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A Bowl of Cherries

Well, there's not really a bowl of cherries, but Brighton is big enough now for her cherry outfit! I love this outfit from Grandma Hibler, and I have been anticipating this day for a long time! And! I was lucky enough to have some ribbon that matched the trim on her outfit perfectly! She has some little cherry shoes too, to go with it, but she just wanted to play with, and eat, them.

"I just love my new cherry outfit!"
So Brighton's been a little behind schedule with the whole mobility thing, but this past week has just been an explosion of progress! Here's a video of her first attempts at crawling (she's already crawling and moving around slowly!).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Uhm, I want this!

Grosgrain: Reverisble Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just love this gal's stuff. Wouldn't Brighton look so cute in this? It just never seems to work when I try to create a link so I can be entered into her drawing... oh well... maybe it'll work this time...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Inspiration

I was at the thrift store (when am I not, it seems...) and found this simple but lovely valance, once loved, but now forgotten. Time to fix that!
It has now become a cute little summer dress for Miss Brighton!
On the model...
Too cute! It was a quick project to make (seriously like 30 minutes tops, and that's 'cause I was making dinner at the same time).I got the inspiration from here. No way could I come up with this on my own. But I am working on getting those create juices flowing... So for Christmas and Birthday gifts, I was thinking I'd like some valances... :)

Fun Birthday Facts

I get this weekly email from babycenter.com which lets me know what's going to be going on with Brighton: development, games to play, what to expect, and advice and tips to help her along with development. Anywho, they had this fun Birthday Time Machine, where you punch in the birthday and it gives you some fun facts about that day in history. For curiosity's sake, I put in Brighton's and got this:

Birth date: October 3
Famous Birthdays
1964 Clive Owen
1969 Gwen Stefani
1975 Talib Kweli
1984 Ashlee Simpson
Birthstone Opal
Sign Libra
Notable Events
President Abraham Lincoln declares the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated nationwide every year
West Germany and East Germany end 45 years of postwar division, reunifying the country
Fun Facts
The Mickey Mouse Club premieres on ABC
Captain Kangaroo debuts on CBS

Pretty cool, huh? Check it out at http://www.babycenter.com/birthday-time-machine?scid=mbtw_post9m_2w:71&pe=2UagIXv

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check out these cute dresses!

Grosgrain: Piñata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ok, I just love this gal. Her dresses are yummy, that's the only word I can think of to describe them. So cute!

I hope I win!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finished Paint

For those of you waiting patiently for these pictures of the finished painting, here you go! I'm a slacker and have kept you waiting too long!
Here's the new fancy green paint in the kitchen! With matching valances.
Our bright and sunny dining room, with brand new light fixture! It's a hand-me-down and I'm thinking of spray painting the little shades red, what do you think?
Our awesome red accent wall in the living room. I still need to find something for that space of wall behind the lamp. Any suggestions? And I'm working on some drapes... hopefully coming soon, at least in the next year...
The "fire place" and brand new chair!
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Reupholster SUCCESS!

So, I got this crazy idea a few months back that I was going to try and reupholster a chair. I was bored, wanted a new craft, I don't know, but I had to do it. I found this chair on Craig's List, for FREE. That's right, $0, besides the gas that I burned up to get it. It's been sitting in my living room for many weeks now, and I've been too scared to actually start. But, Dale has been a huge support and a big help (he was just as excited about it as I was) and we dove in!

I was so scared when I started to cut out the new pieces in the brand new, nice fabric. Luckily, I ordered like 5 yards too many, so I had plenty for mistakes, and now have enough for a possible matching ottoman...hmmm? It was such a fun project and it was so nice for both Dale and I to spend time together working on it. He's already given me permission to find more free things on Craig's List to spruce up! I love making things look new again!
We just finished it tonight! Our BRAND NEW fancy wing back. FABULOUS!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grosgrain: Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Grosgrain: Early Evening Gown GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
Ok, I just stumbled upon this cute little blog from a super cute stay home mommy, who loves to make things for her girls, just like me! You have got to check out this dress and all her other fun stuff!

Happy Fourth of July!

Brighton has had this dress waiting for her since she was in the womb, maybe 7 months in the making. Her wonderful stars and stripes dress all ready to be worn on Fourth of July, and she was drowning in it! It doesn't really look like it in the picture, but it was huge on her! And it went almost to the ground! She wore it for a grand total of five minutes and then wore another red outfit. Oh well, there's always church. Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. As for us, Marysville, Washington goes all out and it sounded like a war zone until 2 am! Crazy!
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9 Months!

I know this is late getting on the blog, but Brighton is nine months now! I can't believe that she's been out of the womb almost as long as she was in it! So crazy how quickly time goes and how fast babies grow up. She's not my little baby anymore. She's a little girl with her own amazing personality and weird sense of humor. In the picture above she was playing in the kitchen with some tupperware, hanging out while mommy made dinner.
We had our 9 month Dr. visit for Brighton too. She's looking perfect and healthy, energetic and happy. Here's the stats:
17 lbs 1 oz 10-25 percentile
28 1/2 in long 50 percentile
So happy to be nine months!
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Rag Dolls

Besides home makeovers, we got crafty while the fam was here. My sisters and I made these little dolls. I'd made a few for Brighton already and my sisters loved them so much, they wanted to make some of their own! The one on the left is Brighton's doll. She has a pocket on her back that holds a carrot. The middle one is Kassie's and she has a little purse of her own! The last one is Kaylee's and Kaylee made an owl to fit in the little pocket in the front. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's cute.
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The Space Needle

We made another trip to Seattle to check out the needle, a must see when you visit Washington. My dad and Connor hadn't been there before, so we made them go up!
Dale and I. He's being so silly! And, yes, that's a whale tail behind us.
The girls and the needle.
This picture could have been really embarrassing, but we all have clean noses, luckily.
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Just Hanging Out

Mom and Kassie, getting a pedicure.
Is my dad watering MY lawn?
It was a hot day, so Connor played in the sprinklers.
Brighton and Grandma hung out in the yard.
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Sunday with the Family

This is the gang after church while my family was here. From left, mom, dad, Connor, Kassie, Kaylee, Brighton, me and Dale.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Snohomish Antiques

There's this little town called Snohomish just a few miles away from my house where the entire main street is just filled with antique stores. My mom, sisters and I have a passion for digging for treasures at antique places, so it's our kind of place! We had to make a pit stop and feed Miss Brighton, but then we were back at it!
Connor found this cool rocket to take a picture in!
My dad, me and Kaylee, after we had a major find in the $5 basket. She found some cute pins and I found a pair of Cameo earrings, for $5! The guy who owned the shop didn't seem too happy that I found them in the basket of odds and ends. I also found a cute strawberry cookie jar that's now on top of my kitchen cabinets. We had been searching for a fruit shaped jar that whole day. We spotted an apple, but they wanted $100 for it. Then I found the strawberry for $14! What a treasure!
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