Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun Birthday Facts

I get this weekly email from which lets me know what's going to be going on with Brighton: development, games to play, what to expect, and advice and tips to help her along with development. Anywho, they had this fun Birthday Time Machine, where you punch in the birthday and it gives you some fun facts about that day in history. For curiosity's sake, I put in Brighton's and got this:

Birth date: October 3
Famous Birthdays
1964 Clive Owen
1969 Gwen Stefani
1975 Talib Kweli
1984 Ashlee Simpson
Birthstone Opal
Sign Libra
Notable Events
President Abraham Lincoln declares the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated nationwide every year
West Germany and East Germany end 45 years of postwar division, reunifying the country
Fun Facts
The Mickey Mouse Club premieres on ABC
Captain Kangaroo debuts on CBS

Pretty cool, huh? Check it out at

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