Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Snohomish Antiques

There's this little town called Snohomish just a few miles away from my house where the entire main street is just filled with antique stores. My mom, sisters and I have a passion for digging for treasures at antique places, so it's our kind of place! We had to make a pit stop and feed Miss Brighton, but then we were back at it!
Connor found this cool rocket to take a picture in!
My dad, me and Kaylee, after we had a major find in the $5 basket. She found some cute pins and I found a pair of Cameo earrings, for $5! The guy who owned the shop didn't seem too happy that I found them in the basket of odds and ends. I also found a cute strawberry cookie jar that's now on top of my kitchen cabinets. We had been searching for a fruit shaped jar that whole day. We spotted an apple, but they wanted $100 for it. Then I found the strawberry for $14! What a treasure!
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