Monday, January 26, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

My sisters wanted to do something crafty together, but we had a hard time thinking of what we could do that didn't require a lot of equipment. My mom's sewing machine is packed up, and we didn't have a TON of time. We decided to paint some shirts. I was excited to show them the freezer paper technique and we had a lot of fun doing them. I love the silhouettes that my sisters picked, but I think mine turned out pretty awesome. It's a tree with some little black birds on it.
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Some Gifts That Got Shipped Off

I made a few of my friends some aprons, also one for my Grandma Michelle, my mom, and my mother-in-law Trudy. They were different fabrics, but were all the same style.
This is another one of Brighton's stamped hand pitcures. Dale dad loves nature so we made him a tree with fall leaves.
I made these little books (well, embellished some cards holders) for my mother-in-law, Trudy, and my mom. Trudy's is the top and my mom's in the open one. I also put some pictures of Brighton in them so now they can start filling them up and have their own brag book in their purses!
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Tutu for Kaylin

I forgot to post about this! I had so much fun trying to learn how to make a tutu! This one was for Kaylin. Hopefully she'll start wanting to dress up and use it!
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Dinner With Catherine and Travis!

One of my most favorite people in the world and one of my bestest friends, Catherine! Here we are at they're favorite BBQ place.

This is the best picture we could get of the girls. They kept running around and wouldn't stay near each other and hold still long enough! But isn't that so cute? They decided to match!

Cora loves ribs!

Exchanging Christmas gifts for the girls. Thank you Catherine and Travis! We loved seeing you. We miss you tons, love you more, and can't wait to see you again!

This is the little outfit that I made for Cora.

More Hang Out Time

Brighton and Kassie sharing a snack of crackers and cheese.
Connor was trying to trick Brighton into crawling into that box. It worked on the dogs, but not on Brighton. So he resorted to spraying her with the spray bottle.
Uncle Connor playing with Brighton.
My family seems to always do puzzles when we get together. Well, I guess it's more my sisters and I do the puzzle. Here's Kaylee and Kassie at the puzzle table.
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Off to Church!

Sunday after church we decided to get some pictures since we all looked so fabulously beautiful. Here's Dale and I. Isn't my dress so hot?
Our little family!
My dad, lounging.
Grandma Helen and Brighton.

Brighton playing the piano.

The whole gang! Grandpa Rod, Grandma Helen. Aunt Kaylee, Aunt Kassie, Uncle Connor, Kim, Dale and Brighton. And below, Aunt Kaylee and Brighton.

Lunch with Matt and Emily!

We met up with some old college friends of mine the day after Christmas. We WERE going to go to the mall and eat and perhaps do some after Christmas shopping, but the mall was insane! We decided to crash at Chili's. It was great to see Matt and Emily. They are some of my closest friends from BYU. Thanks for coming to see me Matt and Em! I love you!
Brighton was getting a bit cranky on the drive back home, so we popped in the fail safe pacifier, and gave her the new piano she got for Christmas. That put a smile on her face!
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Hang Out Time

Uncle Connor, Brighton, and Grandpa Rod all hanging out.
Brighton was wishing she could have some of Connor's fruit by the foot. No such luck missy. Eat your Ritz.
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Christmas Eve with The Stoddards

We went over to a long time family friend's home for Christmas Eve. There we shared our Christmas Ever tradition of opening up our new Christmas pj's. It's Dale favorite gift of the season :). We played a very rousing game of Mad Gab to end the night.
Here's Dale, Judd Stoddard, Kassie, and my little brother Connor in the front.
My dad, Jill Stoddard, her sister in law, Brighton, Jessie Stodard, and Jentry Stoddard all enjoying Mad Gab.
Grandma Helen and Brighton! Merry Christmas!
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Christmas Eve Morning at Grandma Michelle's

Here's Mommy and Brighton trying to get some lunch for B.

We all went to my Grandma Michelle's for Christmas Eve Brunch. Here's my dad and mom in the kitchen slaving away!

All the girls (from left to right): Brighton, little sister Kassie 16, my mom Helen, Grandma Michelle (dad's mom), me, and the older little sister Kaylee 17.

I just thought Kaylee was hilarious for wearing this ribbon around her head. Yet she always manages to look fashionable no matter what she puts on. Isn't she beautiful?

More of my handmade Christmas gifts! I made this bracelet for Kassie. You can't really see it, but it's dark blue, light blue and white and crocheted around a bunch of hoops.

Kassie also uses a hot pad regularly. So I made her a cover for a brand new one that Grandma bought for her.

She specifically asked for a sleeping mask, so I made one to match her hot pad cover.
My dad loves palm trees so we had Brighton stamp her hands again and make a tree for Grandpa Rod, complete with beach.
And here's my grandma with her apron that I made for her.

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December Snow Storm

Again, I blame Dale for not putting these in order on our computer! This was the snow storm right before we left on our Christmas Road Trip! This was Sunday, and church was cancelled because of all the snow. I know, those of you who have seen real snow will laugh at this. But when do you ever get a chance to ditch church without feeling guilty? Here's Brighton all bundled up and ready to go!
Mommy was trying to get Brighton interested in the snow by sticking her hand in it. She didn't like that very much.
Brighton and daddy.
Again, church was cancelled because of all the snow. Whoa, check out those roads- where's the snow plows?
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