Thursday, July 30, 2009

Because I've Got To Tell Someone

Dale is out of town, on the YM High Adventure camping trip, and currently has no service. What if I go into labor, you ask? No idea.

My family won't answer their cell phones. Besides, my ear gets too sweaty if I hold the phone up to it for too long. It's like a million degrees in my house.

And most of my friends probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

But I won a copy of Kanzashi In Bloom from CraftStylish. I'm WAY excited. If you're in the crafty blog circuit, you've probably seen this book on tons of them. I've entered like five giveaways for it and FINALLY won! I suppose it really doesn't hurt to keep trying.

Beware of folded flower gifts that just may be headed your way!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brighton's First Bowl of Cereal

Brighton has been getting pretty picky about eating lately. But what can I give a toddler who still can't really use a spoon or fork very well? I don't want to sit there trying to force it in. She's pretty much had dry cheerios, waffles, pancakes, or breakfast bars every morning for the last year because she can eat it with her hands. You'd get bored too.

So we tried some cold cereal- with milk and everything. She didn't do all that bad really. We switched spoons halfway through, and found that the cow spoon was much easier for her to hold.
Here she is showing me her cow spoon and you can see she's obviously excited about it.
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34 Weeks

We took this picture this morning, but as of yesterday I am officially at 34 weeks. You can see the belly is really starting to wiggle its way out there. I don't look great; I just rolled out of bed, after a horrible night's sleep. But my hair doesn't look TOO bad for going to bed with dripping wet hair.

And just my luck, right at the end, we're suffering from a heat wave! I'm not uncomfortable enough- now it has to get into the 90's (and even reach 100 degrees) and we don't have any air conditioning in Washington. That means our house gets almost that hot, and the fans really don't seem to even make a dent. I sat in the living room yesterday with two of them pointing at me and I was miserable.

Other than the heat, and slowly getting more uncomfortable, things are just rolling smoothly. I've gained another pound putting me at a whopping 26 pound gain. We've got four and a half weeks until we induce, and I can't stop counting the days. I've got SEVERAL projects to finish up before then and I am STILL working on the nursery. Wish me luck, things just keep popping onto my "To Do" list.

And I'm super excited because my sister is going to come and stay with us for a week before the inducing and another week after! We're going to have so much fun together- I can't wait! So many things to look forward to!
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In The Spirit of Tag Blankets...

Since all my ribbon was already out from making tag blankets for Amelia and Levi, I decided to make one for Mason. Sorry if I stole any crafty ideas from friends who are making us gifts! I used some left over orange stripe fabric (are you sick of seeing it yet, because I am NOT!) and some navy fleece. I seriously can't wait for the little guy to get here!
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Baby Shower Gifts

Some new ladies moved into the ward, and had babies right after, so we're having sort of a joint "baby shower/getting to know you" party for them. One had a boy and the other a girl. I decided to make a tag blanket for each of them! (Don't spoil the surprise, anyone who might see this before tonight!)
Here's the back of the blankets. I used the same fuzzy lamb's wool type stuff on the girl one as I did for Megan's little girl. The back of the boy one is fleece. "So soft," as Brighton says.
And they will each be wrapped up in their very own reusable bags! The little girl is Amelia, and she'll have this cute purse to use when she gets a bit bigger.
And the little boy's name is Levi. He will get a fun, denim (haha!) drawstring bag. I can't wait to give them away tonight and visit with the new mommies!
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Brighton Drives the Car

Not really, but she likes to pretend. Dale was cleaning the car last week and put Brighton in the driver's seat. She loves the wheel! She even likes them when they're not in a car- like at the park or at an arcade. She loves to drive! She must get that from Daddy, because I HATE driving.
Notice her AWESOME apron! We got that in a "free" box at a garage sale. When I get around to it, I'm going to use it as a template for a new pretty girly one, but for now her Home Depot one with just have to do.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip To FORKS!

One of my bestest BYU buddies, Brandy, came to visit me this past week. She flew in last Wednesday and left Monday afternoon *sigh :( *tear. We had a fun packed week of shopping, eating, playing with Brighton, a wedding reception and what feels like DOZENS of ferry rides, as well as a much anticipated road trip to FORKS, WA, the mecca for Twilighters.
We got up early and tried to catch the ferry, only to end up waiting two hours to get on one. Ugh, if only we could get to Forks in a faster way than taking a ferry. I'm all ferried out for quite some time. But Brighton loved it. We kept her happy in the car by telling her soon we'd be on a boat. Finally aboard, all she could do was say "boat," "water," and "bird" and ask if she could give the birds hugs. She's very loving.
Brandy and I enjoying yet another ferry ride. Yay! We're going to FORKS!
Brighton asking to give the birds some hugs.
After a REALLY long traffic line for a lavender festival, we finally made it to Port Angeles, another important stop on the Twilight map. I seriously don't know where Bella and her friends would have shopped for dresses (all I saw was Walmart and Payless) but we were there nonetheless. Then it was on to Forks, along a windy road where we asked Dale to drive like a Cullen. There's no way we could even get over 45 mph. Edward is awesome for making it home with Bella alive and in such a short amount of time. It took us a few hours.
There was this gorgeous lake that we passed, the name eludes me at the moment. But it was such a wonderful blue color. Even though the drive to Forks was LONG, it was so gorgeous.Brandy and I laughing at each other being silly.
Finally here, after way too many hours to feel comfortable telling you. And I don't even think 3,175 people could live in this city. It's much too small to hold them all.
Right after we took this picture, a tour bus with "Twilight" written on the side, pulled up and unloaded several fans.
Pulling into town, we passed this motel. We just loved what their sign said.
We parked along the side of the main street, Forks Ave, and walked up and down (in like 15 minutes, maybe less).
We saw this giant tree stump declaring Forks the "Logging Capitol of the World." Awesome.
There REALLY is only one main street, just like in the book, and it's lined with shops like this one- gift shops dedicated to Twilight. Brandy and I hope that Stephenie Meyer is getting cut a nice fat royalty check. There's nothing in this town but Twilight stuff.
Check it out- Bella has her very own First Aid Kit for sale in this pharmacy.
A little ways off the main street, we found Carlisle's hospital. It's REALLY small.
Lucky for Bella, her house was just around the corner from the hospital.
Making our way to the other side of Forks Ave, we found Forks High! Go Spartans!
We kept Brighton entertained by giving her leaves. So easy to please at this age.
On our way to the Cullens, we passed by City Hall. Not a major attraction in Twilight, but we figured, since we're here...
The home of the Cullens. (It really is a bed and breakfast, but it's about the only home around that could pass for maybe belonging to the Cullens.)

The Cullens get mail, too!
On our way out of town, Dale decided he wanted to take a picture with Brighton, even though it was mostly a trip for Brandy and I. Thanks for driving Dale, you ROCK! Yay for Forks!

32 Weeks Pregnant!

This was the ONLY one that Dale took that didn't look too horrible. I was wanting to show you Mason's crib (well, Brighton's for the moment), but all you get to see is the blue wall and the bumper; no crib skirt, sorry.

We took this last Monday when I was 32 weeks. So as of today, I'm at 33 weeks! Yay! I had my first horrible night's sleep last night where I just couldn't get comfortable. My skin feels like it's going to rip itself right off of my ribs. I feel huge, yet I look at pictures and I'm really barely even popping out there! I've gained 25 pounds so far. With Brighton I gained a total of 30, the last 5 coming the final couple weeks. We'll see if that happens this time, too.

I had my Dr.'s appointment a few weeks ago as well and we discussed inducing. Our official inducing date is August 28, ten days early, but we're going to do all that we can to get this baby to come a few days before that. Our Dr. is going on vacation the 28th of August and not coming back until September 8th, the day after my due date. I REALLY don't want some other doc delivering my baby, so cross your fingers. And I really don't want Mason to get so big that I can't get him out naturally, so a few weeks early would be nice- Dale's babies (well, I guess just the one, Brighton) have really big heads.
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Quilt Along Progress Report

I sewed some sashing to each of my 70 squares last week and then laid them out randomly to see how they'll look. I still have to sew the rows together and add a white strip between each one and then do the border. But it's coming together (slowly) nicely. I'm still hoping to get this quilt done before little Mason arrives. Pray with me, and wish me luck. There isn't much time left!
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lamp for Mason's Room

I bought this lamp on sale at Walmart for $5. Not the exact green, but it'll work. I thought the lamp shade needed to be "prettied" up a bit, so I added some of my left orange stripe fabric.

So much better!

The room is coming along nicely, and Brighton's room is coming together a bit more slowly. The style I'm going for is a bit more eclectic, less matchy-matchy than Mason's, so it could be some time before I feel that it's right. Plus, we really can't put too much in there that is going to distract her from learning to sleep in her "big girl" bed. I'll keep you posted with that room as I get closer to finishing it.
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Getting Crafty Today!

Yesterday, Dale and I went to Target to look at prices for new sheets for Brighton's new room and a new curtain rod. We didn't find any sheets that I liked, and I'm not gooey eyed over any curtain rods there, so we're keeping our options open.

We did manage to leave with two items that we were NOT looking for: Two bath mats, one brown and one yellow. They were on clearance for $1.48. Dale has made SEVERAL requests that I make plenty of SUPER absorbent burp cloths before little Mason arrives- specifically 12 of them. So we thought, bath mats are pretty good at soaking up water, why not baby vomit?
I cut each one in half and added a fun fabric binding. They're a good size and I'm hoping they'll do the trick. And four of them for $3? You really can't beat that. They also had a magenta one on sale along with the brown and yellow, in case you're interested.
The only thing I'm not super crazy about is the- I don't know what you'd call it- the indented part? But whatever, it's for baby vomit right? It just makes me kind of second guess myself ever using re purposed towels for a gift to someone.
I also managed to get these little babies done during Brighton's nap time. I used the freezer paper stencil technique- LOVE IT! But if I EVER decide to use the "Curlz" font again, please shoot me BEFORE I start with the exacto knife. It literally took me 33 minutes just to cut out those letters for Brighton's shirt and my finger is going to have a blister, I'm sure of it.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brighton's Booster Seat

We're pushing the "Big Girl Now" thing with Brighton. We've been working on eating off of a plate (and not throwing it on the ground) and using a fork and spoon. Last Friday, we invited Brighton to join us at the table to eat like a "big girl." She's been doing a good job, and likes to call it her "big girl chair."

Having her eat with us had me a bit concerned for our carpet. Our dining area is carpeted- not great for toddlers. Dale and I spent the past couple days discussing what we'd like to do, and we decided I needed to make a little mat to catch all Brighton's little presents for the dog. Please back me up, and tell me you're thinking something vinyl? To protect from liquids? Easy clean-up? Dale wasn't on board with that idea, but I pulled the "If I'm making it, I'm making it how I want it" card.
We went to Joann's and I found this vinyl in the remnants. It was exactly a yard- but because it was a remnant it was 50% off. This is the really nice, heavy duty stuff that's $10/yard and we got it for $5! We got lucky. Well, I couldn't just put some ugly vinyl on the floor- this IS me we're talking about. I added a binding with fabric that had a few colors from the house. So now it's a pretty "drop cloth" that matches our house. Hopefully it will serve another purpose throughout the years.
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