Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lamp for Mason's Room

I bought this lamp on sale at Walmart for $5. Not the exact green, but it'll work. I thought the lamp shade needed to be "prettied" up a bit, so I added some of my left orange stripe fabric.

So much better!

The room is coming along nicely, and Brighton's room is coming together a bit more slowly. The style I'm going for is a bit more eclectic, less matchy-matchy than Mason's, so it could be some time before I feel that it's right. Plus, we really can't put too much in there that is going to distract her from learning to sleep in her "big girl" bed. I'll keep you posted with that room as I get closer to finishing it.
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Glazier's said...

I love what you did with the lamp shade! You're so creative!

The Waggoners said...

the lamp is so much better. the burp cloths are really cute. I don't mind the indentation at all. they are still really cute.

The O'Neils said...

You should take some pictures of the whole room! I am dieing to see it all put together :)

Lisa said...

Hey Kim,

I don't have your email, so I figured this is the best way to contact you. I was just thinking about the fact that you still have a few of our boxes in your garage. Duh, so sorry! I will be in Seattle next month for a wedding, so I will come by and get them.

Hope all is well :) I LOVE reading your blog!