Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Crafty Today!

Yesterday, Dale and I went to Target to look at prices for new sheets for Brighton's new room and a new curtain rod. We didn't find any sheets that I liked, and I'm not gooey eyed over any curtain rods there, so we're keeping our options open.

We did manage to leave with two items that we were NOT looking for: Two bath mats, one brown and one yellow. They were on clearance for $1.48. Dale has made SEVERAL requests that I make plenty of SUPER absorbent burp cloths before little Mason arrives- specifically 12 of them. So we thought, bath mats are pretty good at soaking up water, why not baby vomit?
I cut each one in half and added a fun fabric binding. They're a good size and I'm hoping they'll do the trick. And four of them for $3? You really can't beat that. They also had a magenta one on sale along with the brown and yellow, in case you're interested.
The only thing I'm not super crazy about is the- I don't know what you'd call it- the indented part? But whatever, it's for baby vomit right? It just makes me kind of second guess myself ever using re purposed towels for a gift to someone.
I also managed to get these little babies done during Brighton's nap time. I used the freezer paper stencil technique- LOVE IT! But if I EVER decide to use the "Curlz" font again, please shoot me BEFORE I start with the exacto knife. It literally took me 33 minutes just to cut out those letters for Brighton's shirt and my finger is going to have a blister, I'm sure of it.
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Me and My Family said...

I love the shirts! And yes I agree with you on the curlz font it is a nightmare even in vinyl. Try to peel those babies is tough! Your kids are so lucky to have a crafty mommy like you. Way to go Kim!