Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brighton's Booster Seat

We're pushing the "Big Girl Now" thing with Brighton. We've been working on eating off of a plate (and not throwing it on the ground) and using a fork and spoon. Last Friday, we invited Brighton to join us at the table to eat like a "big girl." She's been doing a good job, and likes to call it her "big girl chair."

Having her eat with us had me a bit concerned for our carpet. Our dining area is carpeted- not great for toddlers. Dale and I spent the past couple days discussing what we'd like to do, and we decided I needed to make a little mat to catch all Brighton's little presents for the dog. Please back me up, and tell me you're thinking something vinyl? To protect from liquids? Easy clean-up? Dale wasn't on board with that idea, but I pulled the "If I'm making it, I'm making it how I want it" card.
We went to Joann's and I found this vinyl in the remnants. It was exactly a yard- but because it was a remnant it was 50% off. This is the really nice, heavy duty stuff that's $10/yard and we got it for $5! We got lucky. Well, I couldn't just put some ugly vinyl on the floor- this IS me we're talking about. I added a binding with fabric that had a few colors from the house. So now it's a pretty "drop cloth" that matches our house. Hopefully it will serve another purpose throughout the years.
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Anonymous said...

So many fun blog posts. I loved the valance that spelled out Mason. I thought that was a really cute idea. I was looking at it and was like what the heck and then i read that it spelt out his name and was like OOOHHH. So adorable! you are quite crafty. The place mat on the ground was so smart!

Me and My Family said...

wow that is great! I agree with you one being vinyl! Totally. I'd rather have something I could wipe up rather than be constantly using the washing machine. It looks great too! When Brighton gets more crafty like her mommy it will be great as a paint catcher too! Good job Kim! I need to come over and use your serger soon. Scout camp is next week.

Brianne said...

Great drop cloth! You might also be able to use it while potty training when you put B in big girl pants while sitting on the floor or couch. I hope that made sense.