Sunday, December 7, 2008


There are no words to describe the awesomeness of my friend Brenna. She's fabulous. And she was wonderful enough to share a picture of her Christmas tree on her blog that I think you all need to see. Why didn't I do this?

Speaking of Twilight, I've been dreaming about wonderful Edward lately. Ever since seeing the movie, all I want to do is re-read (for I don't even know what time) the Twilight series. Luckily for my sanity and the sake of everyone's Christmas presents, I've lent it to my mom and can't get to them until Christmas. But I will be devouring them (and, mentally, Edward) very soon. I can't wait. I might be just as excited to get my books back as I am to actually see my family. Plus, they live around the corner from Stephenie, and I will be stalking her, don't worry about that.

While day dreaming about cold marble skin, I realized I have something pretty dang close to an Edward of my own. While Dale isn't a blood sucking vampire (shucks), his middle name IS Edward, after his Grandpa Ed. I know, I'm blessed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Candies for Christmas Party

I've been working the last couple days on some Red Velvet Cake Pops for our Ward Christmas Party this weekend. I finished them today! Aren't they so pretty? I just can't help myself, they're so yummy, I end up eating a few, and Brighton had to test one, too.
She's thinks they're great!
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Gift Tags

So, I've finished my gifts tags 8 days before the Totally Awesome Gift Tag Exchange Party! I've been working on them for a LONG time, so I hope they're slightly comparable to all my other crafty friends' tags. If you're going to the party too, I'm sorry I've ruined the surprise for you! I am so excited, and can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Gift

A woman that Dale works with invited us to her two-year-old's birthday party this coming Sunday. I've been working on a gift and finally finished it today! (Well, it was done a few days ago, but I ran it through the washer and dryer just to be sure that nothing would come apart!) Aubrey's got a new outfit with matching clip, and her very own rag dolly! Brighton can't wait to party!
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New Skirt

Brighton so graciously agreed to stay in her skirt after church on Sunday so that I could take some pictures. I made it out of a thrifted pillow case and hankie. I love it! I wish I could fit in a hankie skirt.
And here she is, reading, of course.
*I don't know what was happening with the pictures, but hopefully it's all better now!

Brighton's Reaction to the Christmas Tree

Brighton got up on Saturday morning, had some breakfast, and then we were super excited to film her reaction to the tree- not what we thought would happen. She's just fascinated with it. She talks to it. She goes and stands really close to it. But that's it. And there's another video for my family- who constantly tells me that I need to have more videos and pictures of myself on this blog. Here you go!


Whenever anything remotely blanket-like is on the floor, Sawyer is all over it. When I curl up in a blanket while watching a movie, I'm sharing it with him- he's on the floor tangled up in it. He SLEEPS with a blanket on his bed. So it really shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me that we caught him sleeping under the tree.
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Christmas Time

After we put Brighton to bed on Friday, we broke out the Christmas decorations. Dale had the hard job- I made him put all the lights on. But he's really good at it huh? Look how pretty it is with just the lights on!
No, actually it's a pre-lit tree that we picked up on Friday from Costco. We've been talking about getting a fake tree. Dale's all for it, but it was a little hard for me to give up the wonderful smell. After a few hours, we were done! I am in love with our tree! (I wish now that I'd gotten started on those curtains already... they'd look great right about now.)
Since we have little B running around, we decided we'd hang the stockings above the TV. We didn't want her to pull the weights down on top of her head- that could be bad! And I put a bow on the bird cage that we have up there. It used to go on top of the tree, but the tree is so big, that the bow looks stupidly small.
Here's the man- the super tree decorator!
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Reading to Brighton

These were taken on Friday night, before bedtime. Brighton loves books! She'll read them herself or she's started bringing them to us and then plopping into our laps. Here's daddy and Brighton reading the animal sounds.
What a good daddy!
Then she brought the book over to mommy.
Brighton and I share a favorite pastime- Reading! Yay!
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Where's Brighton?

Dale has been on this cave man kick for some time now (long story, ask me and I'll tell you). He pats his chest and says, "Daddy," then he pats Brighton's chest and says, "Brighton." In this video I was quizzing Brighton, and she's been watching Daddy.

Thanksgiving Videos

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to putting up those videos I promised from Thanksgiving. I'm taking a break from all the things I should be doing, and doing something I NEED to do- keeping this blog up to date! These first two videos are of Brighton eating her pumpkin pie for breakfast. I liked them both, so wanted to share them both! We were putting the pie onto her fork (she'll only use a fork now; if there's no fork she'll just moosh everything up with her hands- but she can't get anything on the fork by herself so feeding her is a serious chore now) and then she'd feed herself. Enjoy!

This last video is a little hard to see, I'm sorry. Really bad lighting. Dale rented some Leslie Nielson movies for our Thanksgiving weekend. (Insert hugely sarcastic YAY!) While The Naked Gun was playing, Brighton was dancing like this during the entire song. I didn't get the camera in time, so you can only catch the tail end of it, but it was pretty hilarious. I'm excited to go home for Christmas and make B dance for everyone.