Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gifts For Grandma

So this is what I made for "Grandma to be:"
A blanket! I bought a pack of receiving blankets at Target- they were cute lady bug themed- and made this blanket. I backed it with a nice green fleece.
Also, a matching tag blanket. I think these are my favorite thing to make for new babies.
And a matching lady bug onesie. I painted the lady bug on and added...

ruffles on the butt! I really LOVE ruffles.

Then I threw in some of my hairclips that matched the color theme I had going on. I hope the new baby likes it all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Surprise Grandma Shower

I threw a "Grandma Shower" for a lady that I visit teach. She had all boys, and her daughter-in-law is due December 1st, bringing a baby granddaughter to the family. We were so excited for her to have a little girl of "her own" that we threw her a surprise baby shower. And of course, everything was pink!
I made Bakerella's Famous Red Velvet Cake Balls and Kraft's Cheddar Apple Pie Dip, which we big hits- so I thought I'd share the recipes. We also had veggies, mints, caramels, and PINK lemonade!
Here's all the ladies- The new grandma isn't paying attention because she's sending a text to her daughter-in-law telling them she's at her own surprise shower (and she doesn't really know how to text!).
She got a ton of great gifts for when the little miss comes to visit and lots of things to take to her when they finally meet. Congrats on Grandma-hood!
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Fun With Mason

I can't believe how big my boy is getting! He's started playing with his hanging toys on his little play mat. He hasn't grabbed them but he IS hitting them and cooing with delight. One of the little toys has a ball that spins and makes music and he can actually get it to work. He's just so awesome.
Look at this little handsome man! I just love him to pieces.
I took this one today. He was fussing for his pacifier, only he doesn't really like to suck on a pacifier. So he spit it right back out and was fine with it just sitting on his chest. I guess he just wants to have it in his sights.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch Out!

In the spirit of Twilight and New Moon, I thought I'd share a picture of my vampire in training:
They're always a little messy when they first learn to hunt.
I'm making Red Velvet cake balls and I let her lick the spoon.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Year Anniversary!

November 4th was our four year wedding anniversary. So much has happened in the five years since Dale and I met.

One of the first photos we ever took together. This was in Jill's truck, and we were on a double date with her bf, Riley (who would end up being her husband in a few months' time, who knew?). We celebrated hers and Dale's birthdays by having a large bonfire and burning as many Daily Universes as we could manage to steal from BYU.
Toasting our awesome selves at our wedding dinner. Yeah for pink and brown!

Coming out of the temple together- the very first photo as Mr. and Mrs. Hibler!

One graduation later (mine will come at some point in our lives...)

After so many road trips, I've lost count...

One dog later...
One cruise later...

Our awesome home, that we own, later...

Two pregnancies later...

Two babies later...

Here we are! Happy four years to us! I really couldn't have asked for a better life, so much better than I ever dreamed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Making Stuff

I haven't been able to do too much crafting, but I have managed a few things since Mason was born:
Mason's football costume.
A trick or treat bag for Brighton's lady bug costume- lady bugs need flowers!
And my quilt-along quilt! I finally finished it last night. It has been quite the work in progress. I bound it with the same sheet I used to back Brighton's quilt and backed this one with plain white fabric.
The quilting took a long time, but I'm really happy with the texture that it gave the quilt. And it wasn't so bad squishing it under my short armed machine.
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I had Brighton paint her own pumpkin that afternoon. She did such a great job! Her favorite color was the blue, and kept asking for more blue.

All ready to go trick or treating! Dale took her around the neighborhood and she filled her whole bag! I get rid of two bowls of candy, just to have her bring more home to replace it. And SHE doesn't eat the candy, I DO!
And little Mason in his football costume. He is SO CUTE!!
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Green's Halloween Party

It's been rumored that the party is called the Annual Halloween Party, and I like it. Two years in a row is MOST DEFINITELY annual. Everyone dressed up really great, except for us. Dale is not into costumes, and my pumpkin shirt was dirty from Wednesday night. But we wore black and orange- that's festive right? Well, everyone else wore orange. I can't wear orange, so I was the only one wearing black. Which I always wear, so...

At the party there's food- we bring a spooky treat to share (I brought the same great cake as last year)- and a pumpkin carving contest. I LOVE carving pumpkins. Dale actually bought me four pumpkins this year because he loves me so much. Here's me stenciling in my design.
Yes, I'm a cheater and use a pattern.
Here's all the pumpkins. There are some pretty amazing ones that are way more creative than mine, which is the fourth from the left, not counting the one that's actually sitting on some pumpkins.
Brighton saying "cheese." This is a new talent of hers since she won't smile yet on command.
And finally, the little pumpkin hanging out and being so awesome all night.

Thanks Greens for another awesome Halloween party!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ward Trunk Or Treat

Last Wednesday night, we got the family together for the ward Trunk or Treat.
Here's our cute family! I didn't plan any costumes for Dale and I this year, and my mind wasn't really all there to try and come up with something quick, so I just made Dale wear an orange shirt so he would be somewhat festive. I used this template to put a fancy pumpkin on a white shirt. Mason was a football this year, and Brighton wore her lady bug costume from last year. I think she was even cuter this year in it.
She was so lucky! She got to go to town on TWO pieces of candy that night. You can see she was excited about it.
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