Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Green's Pumpkin Party

We went to the Green's Pumpkin Party last Friday night and had a ton of fun! I didn't get any pictures of Brighton, but they did so check out their blog here. And of course, a special party requires special clips! Brighton wore these awesome pumpkin clips to the party.
On the invitation we were asked to bring a sinister snack. Besides my red velvet eyeball pops, I also made this awesome kitty litter cake for the party. It was so realistic looking, even though I made it, it was really hard to dive into eating it. Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll put it up here.
We carved our pumpkins while we were there too! And because Dale knows how carving pumpkins is my favorite part of Halloween (well, besides dressing up and candy), he watched Brighton so I could work on my pumpkin uninterrupted! He's so awesome. The above picture is of Brandon and Bri's behinds, while they're working on lighting them up.

All the pumpkins! Mine is the top right, and the only one that matters in this picture.

Oh, here's mine again, up close.
For more info about the party, and more fun pictures check out Brandon and Laura's blog here. Be sure to check out their online album, too.
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Brianne said...

Thanks for posting the shot of my butt.

Daniel and Jana said...

I have a problem with looking at the pictures before reading the explination and i seriously about puked when i saw the kitty box cake! GEWWW!!! That is awesome though! You're so talented!