Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy First Birthday Brighton!

I can't believe it's already been a whole year since I successfully pushed Brighton out into this world. She seemed so big to me then, a chubby baby with giant cheeks.

Ah, those first months of exhaustion. It was so fun!

And she really was so tiny! In the last year, we've become parents and made a couple sets of grandparents. We've changed millions (ok, maybe it was just thousands, but it seems like a lot) of diapers, worried that she wasn't rolling/crawling/cruising on time, obsessed about which hair style to go with on a daily basis (that was actually the fun part!), went through 3 bottles of shampoo, said the nursery rhymes/alphabet/animal sounds/counted to ten/and pointed to our body parts more in the last year than we probably ever did before, and learned more about love and patience and have grown so much closer as a family than we ever could without our wonderful little Brighton.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, BRIGHTON! We know how lucky we are to have you in our eternal family! You make each day so much better! We love how happy you always are and your funny little sense of humor. Plus, you're a great dancer! Can't wait to see what toddler-hood will bring!
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Glazier's said...

Happy Birthday Brighton!

Brittany, Dan, and Kiera said...

Kim you are amazing. You are soo talented! I loved looking at your blog. You are great at journaling too. I just put small captions up. Nothing too exciting. You have a beautiful family.