Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Last Thursday, we went to the pumpkin patch! We had a lot of fun with Brighton, showing her the animals and letting her crawl around in the pumpkins. It wasn't a real pumpkin patch, so it was a lot cleaner than it could have been.
We were a little afraid to let her get too close to the geese, but she was just fine to watch from a safe distance.
This goat has to be the ugliest thing alive. I don't know what kind of goat it is, but it's eyes were pink and went off in different directions. Plus it had a really weird curly coat. Not normal for a goat, at least in my experience. But Brighton was still excited to say hi.
The sheep were pretty cool. They kept "baa-ing" at us, which freaked me out more than it did Brighton, who in turn got freaked out because mom did. But they were nice and woolly.
Daddy and Brighton holding the little pumpkin that Brighton wanted.
Brighton went crawling around trying to find us the best pumpkin. She drummed on them and tried to pick them up.
Daddy was playing the pumpkin drum in this picture and Brighton just thought that was hilarious.

Brighton didn't want to put her face through the ghost cutout but it works for now.
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