Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brighton's Birthday Party!

So it turned out that the weather was going to get crummy exactly during the time that we planned to have Brighton's party. Go figure! But it actually turned out ok, even though we were planning on an outside party, and rushed to move it inside. Brighton's birthday bash was blue themed, so we decorated in blue all over! Well, and some B's too, that weren't blue... This is Katie and Jeff, and Brighton begging for food from Krystle. Notice everyone is wearing blue? It was planned. The basket on the table is full of bean bag party favors. Yay!

This is Brandon and Laura, also wearing blue, getting some beautiful food at the baked potato bar. Besides baked potatoes, we had a big salad, bananas, and bread and butter. All this topped off with some bottled water! Also hanging beautifully in the back of the buffet is the blue happy birthday sign that I made.

This was a blue birthday garland that I made for the special Brighton-palooza Bash.

And these are the beautifully chocolate with blue sprinkles cupcakes, complete with the dot toothpicks I made a while back. All the food was labeled with a blue "B is for..." sign and there were plenty of others lying around that also said, "B is for Brighton" and "The BIG One!"This is Brighton getting her very first birthday cupcake. She was so beyond tired (it was already 30 minutes past her bedtime by this time) that she didn't really know what to do, and she just picked at the frosting. I helped out a little by shoving a big hunk into her mouth, but she just wasn't as interested as we had hoped. Maybe we'll do it again...

Happy Birthday Brighton! We had so much fun at Brighton's Big One Blue Birthday Bash!

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Lisa said...

You are so creative. The party looked like so much fun! (and BEAUTIFUL as can BE) I can't believe she is already one!!