Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ok, not really sky diving, but close! We went to iFly Seattle last weekend! Thanks Ben for having a birthday, and such an awesome wife to plan this night out!
Dale and I looking fabulous in our jump suits and goggles. We worked it.

My first flying attempt. We are in a wind tunnel with the air going like 100 mph! I'm floating in the air!

Check it out!

I had a really hard time breathing so I can't imagine what it will be like during the real thing. (Yes, Dale and I have a life long wish to go ski diving, which we WILL do, eventually...)

Dale was making the BEST faces while in there.

Our instructor giving Dale a hand signal.

My second flight!

I started spinning circles around that tube. I don't know what I was doing, but I just went with it.

I'm totally floating all by myself!

It's crazy because you don't look down so you never really know how high up you're floating or if the instructor is holding onto you- you can't even feel it with all the wind.

Dale taking off!

See? Great faces.

He kept crashing into the walls.

Spinning around and around.

Dale was able to get the right position to float really high- lucky guy.

Some of the best (and longest) 2 minutes of my life! So fun, you need to check it out!


If Dale has an errand to run on Saturday morning, sometimes he'll stop by the donut shop and grab some for us. They're a fun little treat every now and then.
B's not really one for food, but she can tear through a donut like there's no tomorrow.

Why is this donut the size of Mason's head!?

They started eating at the same time...

Mason was trying to open his mouth wide enough to get around that donut!

It really is the simple things in life, huh?
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Jones Creek Farm Harvest Festival cont'd

The Hay Ride, a Pumpkin Patch must!

And then the see-saw! I haven't been on one of these in ages. Dale and I sat with the kids and then they kicked us off.

Mason was REALLY excited. He'd never been on one before.

I told B to smile for the picture and she made this face. No sound- it was purely for the picture that she pretended to be screaming.

More tractor bikes!

And a red one!

And a pink one!

Thanks, Krystle, for turning us in the direction of this little gem. We had such a fun time eating and picking apples, trudging through the pumpkin patch, going for a hay ride, petting chickens and farm dogs, and getting piping hot kettle corn and caramel corn- the best!

Jones Creek Farm Harvest Festival

We went to the Jones Creek Farm Harvest Festival a few weekends ago and had a blast! It was a nice day, and we enjoyed the typical farm activities.
Driving tractor bikes!

Checking out apples on the trees!

Stomping in the mud!

Running away from mom and dad!

And Mason, too!

Me, B and Mason looking fabulous- check out their hands in their pockets (that's the new trick for Mason).

Searching for some good apples to pick!

Instead, I'm going to whack you with this stick!

Oh, Miss B found a little tiny one!

Testing to see how it tastes.

Then the kids found a hairy caterpillar.

And took turns holding it.

Poor little guy, I feel bad for him. These kids are crazy!

Oh, now Mase found one to try!

And he's so great at sharing!

Running around and dancing.

Then it was off to the pumpkin patch! Brighton found a cute little one.

And a ladybug came to say hello!

Mason wandered off the path to find his own pumpkin.

Look at that! What a fabulous pumpkin!
To be cont'd...

Brighton's 4th Birthday Party cont'd

More silly string at the Super Range.
Then the kids all got to practice their punching skills with their very own punching balloons!
The floating stars in the dining room made great targets, apparently. By the end of the party they'd all been punched down.
All the kids having tons of fun!
Mason with his orange balloon.
While the kids punched, I set up the food.
Then all the kids were given a reversible cape.
Then it was chow time! Perfectly balanced for those budding super heroes.
And finally, what they were all waiting for- cake!
Happy 4th Birthday Miss B! You're SUPER!