Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hiking Mount Pilchuck

Dale and I hiked Mt. Pilchuck on what we thought may be the last good weather Saturday this year. It was a gorgeous day!
We got up early and made it to the mountain about 8 am, so as to beat the heat. Still a little too chilly for me!
I thought I was up high then, king of the world, but not even close.
I feel like this is a Where's Waldo picture- where's Dale?
My mountain man!
Seriously, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was once we started getting higher than everything around us.
Being silly and diva-esque.
Gorgeous views! I actually appreciated all the trees and how green it is here while on this hike.
Almost there!
Gorgeous view! (Mountains or Dale, take your pick!)
We really liked these rocks with all the dried, gross, mossy stuff. So much so that I had to take a picture with them.
Finally at the top, at the look out.
Walking out on the edge! I actually was really scared on that little rickety step.
And there is still snow up here. Crazy.
I couldn't believe how great the view was- complete 360 of the entire area.
It really was amazingly beautiful to be up that high with nothing in your way to just see everything. The hike was worth it!
Dale and I at the lookout still. We hung out here for a little while, talking to people, eating, drinking and taking pictures.
And that's where we live! Way down and out there...
The lookout. We had to climb up all those rocks to get up there. And there's even a ladder to FINALLY get into the lookout.
Seriously, this rock almost fell.
Thanks Dale for taking me out on a fun hike, enjoying the scenery and spending the morning with me! It was really a lot of fun.

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

awesome! That looks like a lot of fun and what a great date! I love your comment about the "gorgeous view" And BTW you look amazing!