Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brighton's 4th Birthday Party

Our little Brighton turned 4 at the beginning of this month. Crazy. We went with a generic Super Hero theme since she's really not the fairies and Barbie kind of girl... yet.
Our Super Four-Year-Old!
A shot of the stuff before the party actually started. We had to keep all this out of reach of 10 young children. Yes, 10. We did a drop off party this year and each of Brighton's closest friends was able to make it. Dale and I survived! It actually went REALLY well.
Party Decor- painted boxes to look like buildings! Complete with Super Heroes and villains.
Brighton and Mason getting excited for guests to arrive. As the kids came in we had them color for a little while a the table.
Comic book pages turned into a garland.
The treats, away from the kids, up high on the counter : )
I made a mini cake for B to blow out the candles but gave the kids some cupcakes. Dale and I ate this one on our own later.
Superboy! Flexing those amazing biceps.
As more kids arrived, we moved them over to the table to decorate some cookies.
They could either eat them or save them. Of course, B ate both of hers.
Then back to the table!
B was very happy to have all her friends there. She'd been telling everyone about her party for several months and it was finally here!

First activity- leaping over tall buildings in a single bound! These kids can jump so high!

Look at her! She's floating!
And J was moving so fast we barely managed to catch it on film!
Next activity- Stomp Out Crime! or rather, balloons...
Followed by- Shooting Practice at the Super Range.
to be cont'd...

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