Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Connor's Baseball Game

We went to several of my brother's baseball games while I was in AZ. I wanted to go because he's been playing for years and I've never been able to see him. Apparently he's very good. I don't know anything about baseball, so I take my dad's word for it.
The highlight of the evening was the snow cone. Grandma spoiled Brighton and got her one to eat all by herself. There was an amazing syrup crash later that evening.
She wasn't sure how to eat it at first. It was really funny. She just kept licking it until I showed her she needed to take a bite.
There she goes! This is one of my favorite pictures.
Sitting by Grandma cheering Connor on.

This is my other favorite. I don't know why, but I love this one of her.
My brother, pitching.
Connor is a Jeter fan. That's why he's #2.
Isn't my little bro so cute?
There he goes!
My mom was saying that this picture was the one that was NOT to be put on the blog. But I think it's funny. Kassie, I'm going to make sure this gets into your wedding slide show.
All in red. So cute.


Just a cute shot of Mason chewing on my brother's old blocks. This little man is just SO handsome!
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Visit With Grandma

We got to spend an afternoon with my Grandma Bo! It's been ages since I've seen her- it was her first time meeting Brighton and Mason!

Mason made himself at home, crawling all over and getting into Grandma's stuff.
Brighton made herself comfortable too, getting into Grandma's exercise equipment.

Mason giving Grandma some lovin'. Isn't she so tan? I'm jealous.

Eating lunch with Grandma- see? Those sunglasses never come off!

Mason, Grandma Bo, Brighton, and me.

Thanks for having us over Grandma- it was so fun and so good to see you!

Easter Sunday

We all got dressed up and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside. I don't know what the weather was like back home in WA, but AZ was perfect!
Kassie, my mom and Mason on the swing.

Kassie looks like she's going crazy!
Kaylee has the cutest nose in the whole world, don't you think? I always try to get a profile shot of her when I can. And those earrings- too cute, huh?
My mom and Mason being as cute as ever.
Kaylee and Kassie- I'm really jealous of my gorgeous sisters.
I'm really funny. Too bad I can't remember what I said.

Me, mom and Mason- I'm wearing my Easter dress and my fabric corsage that I made. I don't think I showed you this up close- I'm sure this is one of the pictures that my camera ruined so it never ended up on here. I'll try to remember to take another one- you'll want to see it!
I also made Brighton an Easter dress out of linen and the same fabric as my dress. With a matching headband too!
Connor and Brighton- best buddies.
Let the hunt begin! Don't you just love those red flowers and that awesome red door?!
Connor did a great job mowing on Saturday! The grass looks so good.
Brighton got all the easy ones.
Check out the basket!
Mason hung out under the umbrella all day.
Despite my pleas to the Easter bunny, he still snuck some candy into Brighton's basket. She enjoyed every bit of that sucker.
We had a great day together, but we all missed Daddy who was back home, all alone. Poor guy.


We had a bonfire in my parents' backyard. It was so fun! We all laughed and enjoyed relaxing together. The only thing missing was some marshmallows. I don't think you can have a real bonfire without marshmallows.

These aren't the best pictures, but I like the glow we have from the fire and the memories associated with them are really great.
Connor and Kaylee
My mommy
My dad
Dad, Connor, Mom, and me. Where was Kassie this whole time? I don't remember- maybe doing homework...
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Brighton's First Haircut

My sister Kaylee has about 8 months under her belt at Paul Mitchell in Provo. I figure she can be trusted to come at my daughter with scissors.

I just love B's face in most of these- she looks like a deer in the head lights.
Does she seems sad to see those few inches go?

Maybe just annoyed? She did pretty good for a first timer, sitting still for more than 5 minutes.

Say goodbye!

She only had about an inch cut off, just to even things up. I honestly think it was more traumatic for me than for her.


Of course we predicted that this would happen- We would go to AZ and Mason would finally sit up on his own and start to crawl and Dale would miss out on it. So, here's the footage of Mason's first crawling attempts. He became quite the pro in only a few days time, becoming brave enough to venture all around the house much to my annoyance.
3 April 2010

Roadrunner Park

My parents live near a park where I ran a few days a week. My sister and brother were awesome enough to watch and play with Brighton while I worked up a sweat.
Isn't she just so dang cute!?
Kaylee, Brighton and Connor.
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Eating At Grandma's

Can you have too many pictures of your baby eating? No. They are always disgusting, and always SO CUTE!

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