Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Easter Sunday

We all got dressed up and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside. I don't know what the weather was like back home in WA, but AZ was perfect!
Kassie, my mom and Mason on the swing.

Kassie looks like she's going crazy!
Kaylee has the cutest nose in the whole world, don't you think? I always try to get a profile shot of her when I can. And those earrings- too cute, huh?
My mom and Mason being as cute as ever.
Kaylee and Kassie- I'm really jealous of my gorgeous sisters.
I'm really funny. Too bad I can't remember what I said.

Me, mom and Mason- I'm wearing my Easter dress and my fabric corsage that I made. I don't think I showed you this up close- I'm sure this is one of the pictures that my camera ruined so it never ended up on here. I'll try to remember to take another one- you'll want to see it!
I also made Brighton an Easter dress out of linen and the same fabric as my dress. With a matching headband too!
Connor and Brighton- best buddies.
Let the hunt begin! Don't you just love those red flowers and that awesome red door?!
Connor did a great job mowing on Saturday! The grass looks so good.
Brighton got all the easy ones.
Check out the basket!
Mason hung out under the umbrella all day.
Despite my pleas to the Easter bunny, he still snuck some candy into Brighton's basket. She enjoyed every bit of that sucker.
We had a great day together, but we all missed Daddy who was back home, all alone. Poor guy.

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