Monday, May 24, 2010

Gifts For Friends in AZ

I was working hard to get some stuff done for the friends I was going to see in AZ. I made gifts so that I HAD to visit them. I couldn't put it off and be lazy, laying out all the time.
I made these magnets for all my girlfriends with super cute scrapbook paper that my sister got me for Christmas. I'm not a paper crafter, so I wasn't sure what to do with the paper- but you really can't pass up on cute paper! Thanks again Kay!
I made this for my friend Jessica, who started the Pay It Forward giveaway that we did last year. I had such a fun time making things for other people, and I wanted to make her a thank you gift (even though that kind of went against the whole idea). She's in a house full of boys (not for very long!!!) and I wanted her to feel girly, so I made her this girly apron from an antique linen tea towel. I'll have to find the tutorial I used on this one, so bear with me...
Jessica is about to have her first girl so I made her new baby a girly tag blanket and a headband (from a knee high sock!) This is not the tutorial that I originally read, but I can't find that one at the moment...this one's great, too.
I made a tag blanket and headband for my friend Chelsea- who just had her first girl too!
I made this pretty dish from a tea cup saucer and an old candle stick for my littlest sister, Kassie. She has tons of cute jewelry that she can toss into this baby.

My mom has this shelf in her house that she rearranges depending on the month/holiday/birthday/etc. that's coming up. I made this for her to hang in February. I can't find the tutorial for this one either... I'll get on that.

I made this for my sister Kassie. I circle punched one of Brighton's doodles that she did on card stock, circle punched some paper doilies, and then sewed them together. Voila! A fun garland!

I made this for myself actually. It's from a birthday card from my Grandma Bo and a Christmas card from my sister. I cut the bird card to fit on the other, mod podged and glittered, and glued some ric rac around. I have no idea where to put it, but I love it. I was inspired by some Easter decorations at JoAnn's.

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Brianne said...

Judging by the pictures, it looks like you went for Christmas, not in April. You continue to amaze me.

I love the pictures of B's haircut.