Monday, May 24, 2010

Stuff I've Made

I had a few projects that I got done before going to AZ. One was an Easter dress for myself. Which I wore well before Easter. I couldn't help it! I just loved this fabric.
Brighton wanted to pose with me.
And I made this hooter hider for- wait for it- a lady who I don't know, whose mother is a nurse (who I don't know), who works at a Dr.'s office that Dale visits (where I've never been). Dale thought it would help him build a good relationship with the office. I suppose I can donate an hour to help out my husband's career.

The expectant mother LOVED it. I'm glad- I was kind of attached to this fabric and didn't really want to give it up.
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Brianne said...

The dress is amazing. You are so awesome. And you are such a good wife. I used that same fabric in Kaylin's quilt (I had to enlarge the picture to double check :-)).