Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cute Girl

She was being sort of crabby this day, but I wanted to get some pictures of her in her new outfit. This was a gift from Grandma Bo and Aunt Karen around the time Brighton was born. It's a size 12 months, but just now fits her! I am in love with the fun colors! And, they go great in our house!
Thanks again Grandma B and Aunt K for the fun outfit!
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A New Potty

We know she's not quite there yet, but we got Brighton a potty, just so she could get used to it before she would actually start using it.
She likes to take it all apart, and doesn't realize that it kind of ruins the whole sitting down experience if it's not put back right. She's slowly backing up to it.
Here she is later on, holding a pack of gum. I guess she's getting used to "relaxing" on the potty.
I cannot WAIT until we're actually using this thing! Hopefully sooner rather than later!
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Using a Fork

We're trying to teach B how to use a fork. She actually prefers the fork to her hands, but she'll just get frustrated and end up eating with her little fingers. But she's getting better at it.
Oh, just missed it! She can't seem to get it right over the food to stab it. Usually she'll end up just mashing everything.
I think we've got it!
Sweet success!
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More Backyard Fun

Another sunny day, so we had to go outside and enjoy some of it. Again, Brighton loved the leaves.
Again, she tried to feed them to Sawyer. I love this picture! I like how the focus is on her hand with the leaf, and the rest kind of just slowly blurs into the background. I can't wait to get better at this!
Trying to throw the ball for Sawyer.
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Popcorn and Peak-a-Boo DO Mix

We had a new snack the other week- popcorn! Dale and I love popcorn, so it's been something I've wanted to share with Brighton. Now that she's old enough to eat it, I gave it a try.
She loved it and chowed down!
Then she started to play peak-a-boo. I don't know why. Sometimes she just lapses into it for no reason. But lucky for me, I had my amazing camera ready for the great shot.
This time she "ROAR"ed at me.
I love this super cheesy smile! She is such a stinkin' cute girl!

Back to the popcorn...

Brighton Rocking Her Baby

It may not look like it, but that's what she's doing. She's not quite tall enough to be able to sit in the chair without having some free hands to help push herself back. But she's been taking her baby to the chair and "rocking" her, or just talking to her. Sometimes she'll even take a book with her and sit there and read to herself or her baby. It's so fun to watch.
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Sunday Dress

We were ready a little early for church. I know! Can you believe it? We just thought B looked so pretty that morning so we decided to take some pictures while we waited for it to be time to leave. She loves taking my kitchen towels and using them as blankets for her babies, wrapping up ANY of her toys in them, or dusting. I'm going to say that she was helping out with the chores and dusting the coffee table.

I just loved this little yellow dress on her! And I had some great clips to go with it. It was the perfect outfit, and she looked so much like a little girl and not a baby. She's definitely not my baby anymore.

Here we are reading her "baby keepsake book." It's a great book that my grandma gave me at my baby shower where I've been really good about writing down everything. It tells me what to write and what pictures to put in, which helps because I'm not much of a journal keeper or a scrapbooker.

Mommy, trying to coax a little kiss out of Brighton. She's not caving. But she did head butt me and gave me a slight fat lip. I guess that's ok, as long as they're looking full and not swollen, right?

So I decided I would just steal a kiss.
There's that head butting I was talking about. I'm lucky I didn't get a bloody nose! And this is one of those lucky times for those of you who complain about this blog never having any pictures of me. Here you go, here I am.
And of course, the pretty girl with her daddy.
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Brighton and her Kitchen

Dale was just practicing with the amount of flash with these pictures. So another bout of randomness, which is fine. It's fun to have these pictures of her playing with one of her favorite toys.
Swinging around.
Dad, seriously, stop taking pictures of me. Doesn't that look like what she might say if she could talk? I know she's thinking it.
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Valentine's Day

Dale and I aren't much into Valentine's, but we make it a point to get cards and spend some quality time together. We had a great Valentine's! We spent the whole day hanging out together and playing with Brighton. Here's Brighton decorating her card for daddy. I made it, and then gave her the red and pink crayons.
We were at a friend's house the night before, and we changed Brighton into her pajamas before we left. I didn't plan it this way, but it was brought to my attention that B was wearing her Valentine's pj's. I hadn't even noticed that they were covered with hearts. Thanks for the obvious point out, Eric.
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Cleaning Time

So I was feeling well one day, and decided that the bathrooms needed a good scrubbing. It had been like two weeks- disgusting! I'm so glad that nowadays we have good hygiene and have a separate room for all that gross stuff that we need to do to be clean. Can you imagine what it was like not bathing for months at a time and pooping in a bucket that you just threw out the window into the gutter? I'm so grateful to live when I do. I'm so grateful for bathrooms. That being said, Brighton is a handful when you're trying to get anything done. So, out came the cage. I usually just clean when she naps, but she's decided that napping just isn't for her.
I was just having some fun taking pictures of her, practicing with the light and windows.
She was mad about being in the play pen and so I told her to call grandma about it. That's who she's calling right now.
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Our Food Storage

I don't know if I should be sharing this with you. If a disaster happens, and you don't have food, I'm not sharing. I guess that's settled then. Dale and I had a goal last year to save up enough money to buy a year supply of the basics for each of us. We decided we would start with 6 months for 3 adults for the first trip. This is what we've got so far. Pretty fun, huh? We'll need to go back and get this same amount again, then we'll have a whole year for 3 people! That should be enough while our kids are little. We'll be adding the fun stuff (like juice, pudding, freeze dried fruit, etc.) as the months go by. But it's nice that for now we have some sense of security, and that we're trying to do as the Prophet asks.
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Playing in the Yard

Brighton and I went on a walk one day while it was sunny and somewhat dry, and I just couldn't bring myself to go back inside! We went and played in the backyard with Sawyer. Brighton had fun picking up the leaves and trying to feed them to the dog.
She was running and then fell over, and didn't want to get up. Fine by me.
I just had to share this one because I AM AWESOME. If you notice, Sawyer is MID-AIR. That's right, I am so awesome with this new camera that I can take pictures of my dog bounding and leaping after a ball. No more three second delay- it's so cool.
I just loved this one of my rosy cheeked little babe running at me with a nice dead leaf in her hand. We were so glad to have a sunshine filled day!
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