Friday, February 20, 2009

Ward LipSync

February 4th: Our ward just loves to lip sync, I guess. The YM and YW did this last year, and it was a hit, so they decided to do it again. I think everyone is pretty much over it after this year and the youth group will need to come up with something else for next year. Dale was the MC. Not really something you can picture him doing, I know, but Dale is truly himself when on the stage (tons of sarcasm with that one...). The above picture is of the Bishopric. They did some Scottish soap song and it was pretty funny. I especially loved the "bagpipes" that they were playing, but you can't see them because my camera just sucks. Oh well.
This was the performance of the night! I was waiting all night for this one. It's Ashlynn (left) and Jessie (right) doing "Dancing Queen" by Abba. We all know what a huge HIT Mamma Mia! was for me, so this was delightful! Jessie's mom MADE her costume, and I was very impressed by the ingenuity. You'd never guess what it was refashioned from.
The Priests did two musical numbers, each one entertaining. Which ever Matt Damon twin (that's what Dale and I call them; they both look like Matt Damon and I can't tell them apart, at all) is on the keyboard, he got really into it. And Barry is my favorite Home Teacher (far left) and he got really into his air guitar.
Again, the Priests. The same Matt Damon twin (far left) played the air guitar, but also played the keyboard. He kept switching between the two, and sometimes would have a guitar in one hand, but play the keyboard with the other. I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious and quite entertaining. Brighton stood on my lap the entire hour and a half dancing, singing, and clapping. She whacked me in the face a few times, too. Lucky for her, I'm tough.
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Jenny said...

That Barry. I was a little worried at the "stoned" look he seemed to be trying in the second one. Thank goodness that isn't from experience. what kind of hometeacher would he be then? ~Jenny