Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday Dress

We were ready a little early for church. I know! Can you believe it? We just thought B looked so pretty that morning so we decided to take some pictures while we waited for it to be time to leave. She loves taking my kitchen towels and using them as blankets for her babies, wrapping up ANY of her toys in them, or dusting. I'm going to say that she was helping out with the chores and dusting the coffee table.

I just loved this little yellow dress on her! And I had some great clips to go with it. It was the perfect outfit, and she looked so much like a little girl and not a baby. She's definitely not my baby anymore.

Here we are reading her "baby keepsake book." It's a great book that my grandma gave me at my baby shower where I've been really good about writing down everything. It tells me what to write and what pictures to put in, which helps because I'm not much of a journal keeper or a scrapbooker.

Mommy, trying to coax a little kiss out of Brighton. She's not caving. But she did head butt me and gave me a slight fat lip. I guess that's ok, as long as they're looking full and not swollen, right?

So I decided I would just steal a kiss.
There's that head butting I was talking about. I'm lucky I didn't get a bloody nose! And this is one of those lucky times for those of you who complain about this blog never having any pictures of me. Here you go, here I am.
And of course, the pretty girl with her daddy.
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Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

you look so pretty in the head butting picture. and it is such a great picture. It must be from you new camera! very well taken!

nikki_ty said...

fun posts! and awesome pictures! Brighton is looking more and more grown up these days. She's almost old enough to go to nursery! Fun times. Your little family is so cute!