Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleaning Time

So I was feeling well one day, and decided that the bathrooms needed a good scrubbing. It had been like two weeks- disgusting! I'm so glad that nowadays we have good hygiene and have a separate room for all that gross stuff that we need to do to be clean. Can you imagine what it was like not bathing for months at a time and pooping in a bucket that you just threw out the window into the gutter? I'm so grateful to live when I do. I'm so grateful for bathrooms. That being said, Brighton is a handful when you're trying to get anything done. So, out came the cage. I usually just clean when she naps, but she's decided that napping just isn't for her.
I was just having some fun taking pictures of her, practicing with the light and windows.
She was mad about being in the play pen and so I told her to call grandma about it. That's who she's calling right now.
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