Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Food Storage

I don't know if I should be sharing this with you. If a disaster happens, and you don't have food, I'm not sharing. I guess that's settled then. Dale and I had a goal last year to save up enough money to buy a year supply of the basics for each of us. We decided we would start with 6 months for 3 adults for the first trip. This is what we've got so far. Pretty fun, huh? We'll need to go back and get this same amount again, then we'll have a whole year for 3 people! That should be enough while our kids are little. We'll be adding the fun stuff (like juice, pudding, freeze dried fruit, etc.) as the months go by. But it's nice that for now we have some sense of security, and that we're trying to do as the Prophet asks.
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