Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barn Party At McDonald's Ranch

We went to a barn party at the McDonald's Ranch. My parents own, and my sister shows, Arabians with Holly and Gary McDonald, and they are old family friends. Unless you're really into horses, it's not much fun. They just announce the names of the horses, they're achievements, and then they bring 'em out for everyone to ooh and aah all over. But there was free food and drinks, music, friends, and Brighton got to hang out and see some horses.
Here's Dale and Brighton walking around the ranch together.
Brighton watching Uncle Connor climb the trees. I'm sure she wished she knew how to climb on anything.
Dale pats the horses.
Mommy and Brighton pet the horses.
Mommy helps Brighton pat the horse's nose.
Brighton and Mommy pet the pretty horseI wonder what Kaylee was thinking here... "What's so cool about these horses anyways?"
Connor and a horse.
Brighton reached up to pat this horse as she tried to sniff at her.

Brighton running around.

Brighton and Grandpa Rod are hanging out.

A little girl brought her brand new puppy that she got for Christmas to the party. Brighton was so excited to see it and pet it.

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