Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At Great Grandma and Grandpa's

We left Arizona on New Year's Day to start heading back home. After spending the night with Dale's mom, we continued northward to the Great Hibler's home. We are so greatful for the time we were able to spend with the Grandparents and Aunt Caroline.

Great Grandma Jackie had tons of little things out for Brighton to play with. It was like Christmas all over again!
Scoping out more gifts under the tree.
Playing with mommy while she read Grandpa's memoirs. Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Ed used to teach a memoir writing class.
This ball is really cool- you bounce it up and down and it lights up!
Great Grandpa Ed, Dale and Brighton.
Clockwise from top: Aunt Caroline, Great Grandma Jackie, Dale, Brighton and Great Grandpa Ed. Now answer me this: Dale won't dress up for Halloween, and he won't wear a scarf or gloves when it's freezing outside (even when I beg him to) but he'll wear a bear hat for a photo? I suppose he's just humoring Grandma.
Great Grandpa Ed, Me, Dale and Brighton.
Brighton, getting ready to eat some dinner!
Aunt Caroline, setting the table.
Just checking up on Granny, making sure she doesn't need any help with dinner.

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