Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gifts I've Made #3

The inspiration here came from a Ruffles and Rust Vintage Flea Market.
Here's Kassie (never mind her, we're looking at that purse). She was in love with it and wanted me to take a picture of it.
I made her this one for Christmas. She was really happy, I can prove it.
So cute!
"Oh, I love it!" My mom asked if it was a shirt... silly mom : ) Kassie then proceeded to put it over her head and wear it like a halter top.
Here's a super cute pillow that was RIDICULOUSLY expensive.
I copied it and made this one for a friend for her birthday.

Gifts I've Made #2

Ok, more Christmas stuff:
I made this necklace for a friend following this tutorial. She's a necklace wearer and I liked that it was kind of like a scarf.
I made this pillow for my sister. It's about 10" or 11" square (I don't remember). I saw a picture somewhere that I can't find now that inspired it. I free motion sewed the birdcage.
And here's the back. What's funny is she gave me an actual little birdcage with a glittered bird inside. We both gave each other a bird in a cage for Christmas!
Here's another necklace like the first one, following that same tutorial.
Here's some rings I made for my sister. I twisted wire around to make the actual ring and used buttons for the two on the ends and a bead for the one in the middle. I made a few of those bead ones in red and white- so cute!
I saw this and got inspired. This necklace was made from a pair of nylons and wooden beads.
I made this little pine cone Christmas tree for my mom. Lots of hot glue and burned fingers.
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Stuff I've Made #2

I saw this lamp shade turned chandelier at Joyworks in Snohomish (my FAVORITE store!):
It inspired this:
An old lamp shade that I couldn't sell off at the yard sale last year (yes, I hold onto things, yes I'm a hoarder) and all the lace I could find in my sewing room. I took all of the fabric off the shade so it was left with bear bones and tied lace onto it.
Hung it upside down, and I also found some old chandelier crystals at the thrift store and hung some of those on- and voila! A pretty light in Brighton's room. It just covers the original light that was already in there.
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Stuff I've Made #1

I also had someone ask me about a tiered stand that I made, so I thought I'd add that into the mix too.
I gathered some pieces from the second hand store and used glue that's for glass and ceramic.
Glued the candle stick to the bottom of the smaller plate and let it dry. Then glue the bottom of the candle stick to the center of the larger plate.
I added the little swan as a topper. This one sat unfinished for a few months. I actually just found a piece to put under the larger to plate that I'll have to show you.
Here's another one I made with glass candlesticks and a stamp for wax seals (not sure what the technical name is for that). Let me know if you make one, I want to see it!
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Gifts I've Made #1

I've had some requests to share what I made for Christmas gifts (yes, months ago, and yes, I'm just now getting on it, don't judge...). So prepare for a plethora of posts- maybe not all today, but in the next few days or weeks. : )
This was a purse I made for one of my mom's friends. She and my mom found these way cute bags in a boutique and my mom bought one for my sister for her birthday. I looked at it, and thought "I can make one better than that!" And I think I did.
Here's the inside of the bag. I used up scraps and fabric that I've been hoarding for years. Technically (because I can't remember the original prices I paid for everything) these purses cost me nothing, because I already had everything. But Dale keeps saying I paid something at some point, but that's really beside the point.
The other side of the bag, with a ribbon rose, that has a pin backing so it can be removed.
I made this one for my mom. She loved my black and white chair and I used the leftovers to fashion her a bag, along with fabrics with her favorite color, red.
The other side of the purse.
The inside with left over scraps from my other reupholstered chair. I don't think I've officially shared that one with you all either... my bad.
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