Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gifts I've Made #1

I've had some requests to share what I made for Christmas gifts (yes, months ago, and yes, I'm just now getting on it, don't judge...). So prepare for a plethora of posts- maybe not all today, but in the next few days or weeks. : )
This was a purse I made for one of my mom's friends. She and my mom found these way cute bags in a boutique and my mom bought one for my sister for her birthday. I looked at it, and thought "I can make one better than that!" And I think I did.
Here's the inside of the bag. I used up scraps and fabric that I've been hoarding for years. Technically (because I can't remember the original prices I paid for everything) these purses cost me nothing, because I already had everything. But Dale keeps saying I paid something at some point, but that's really beside the point.
The other side of the bag, with a ribbon rose, that has a pin backing so it can be removed.
I made this one for my mom. She loved my black and white chair and I used the leftovers to fashion her a bag, along with fabrics with her favorite color, red.
The other side of the purse.
The inside with left over scraps from my other reupholstered chair. I don't think I've officially shared that one with you all either... my bad.
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