Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gifts I've Made #2

Ok, more Christmas stuff:
I made this necklace for a friend following this tutorial. She's a necklace wearer and I liked that it was kind of like a scarf.
I made this pillow for my sister. It's about 10" or 11" square (I don't remember). I saw a picture somewhere that I can't find now that inspired it. I free motion sewed the birdcage.
And here's the back. What's funny is she gave me an actual little birdcage with a glittered bird inside. We both gave each other a bird in a cage for Christmas!
Here's another necklace like the first one, following that same tutorial.
Here's some rings I made for my sister. I twisted wire around to make the actual ring and used buttons for the two on the ends and a bead for the one in the middle. I made a few of those bead ones in red and white- so cute!
I saw this and got inspired. This necklace was made from a pair of nylons and wooden beads.
I made this little pine cone Christmas tree for my mom. Lots of hot glue and burned fingers.
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SeeJulieStamp said...

Great job on the free hand bird cage! Love the pine cone tree! It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't just a regular pine cone! Ha!

Melissa said...

Your jersey necklaces turend out awesome! I love the pink you used!