Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jones Creek Farm Harvest Festival

We went to the Jones Creek Farm Harvest Festival a few weekends ago and had a blast! It was a nice day, and we enjoyed the typical farm activities.
Driving tractor bikes!

Checking out apples on the trees!

Stomping in the mud!

Running away from mom and dad!

And Mason, too!

Me, B and Mason looking fabulous- check out their hands in their pockets (that's the new trick for Mason).

Searching for some good apples to pick!

Instead, I'm going to whack you with this stick!

Oh, Miss B found a little tiny one!

Testing to see how it tastes.

Then the kids found a hairy caterpillar.

And took turns holding it.

Poor little guy, I feel bad for him. These kids are crazy!

Oh, now Mase found one to try!

And he's so great at sharing!

Running around and dancing.

Then it was off to the pumpkin patch! Brighton found a cute little one.

And a ladybug came to say hello!

Mason wandered off the path to find his own pumpkin.

Look at that! What a fabulous pumpkin!
To be cont'd...

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