Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brighton Walking

Well, Brighton's been working on walking for a little while now, and we just wanted to wait until she was a little bit better at it (read: not taking two steps and face planting) before we shot some video and shared it with you all. Well, here it is. I couldn't decide between these three videos, so you get to see them all! These were taken on Monday night and ever since then, she is pretty much walking all over the place now.

I like this one because she's just so excited about the camera. You can hear her say at the very beginning "what's this (high unintelligable squeal)?" She's gotten really good at saying that and pointing at things.

Now this one is not of Brighton walking, but playing with Sawyer. Sawyer likes to run around like a crazy dog every once in a while and Brighton just thinks it's the best thing ever. We have to kind of encourage him to keep going crazy but it's worth it. Don't you just love her little laugh!?


Brianne said...

So cute! Kaylin is jealous of Brighton's kitchen :-).

Anonymous said...

I love her laugh...Brighton is absolutely precious!