Monday, November 2, 2009

Ward Trunk Or Treat

Last Wednesday night, we got the family together for the ward Trunk or Treat.
Here's our cute family! I didn't plan any costumes for Dale and I this year, and my mind wasn't really all there to try and come up with something quick, so I just made Dale wear an orange shirt so he would be somewhat festive. I used this template to put a fancy pumpkin on a white shirt. Mason was a football this year, and Brighton wore her lady bug costume from last year. I think she was even cuter this year in it.
She was so lucky! She got to go to town on TWO pieces of candy that night. You can see she was excited about it.
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Brianne said...

I love your shirt. The kids were adorable. We let Kaylin have a couple of pieces too, but we've eaten most of her candy. I'm not looking forward to when she realizes that she can just take candy out of her bucket to eat instead of having us give it to her :-).

Jenny-Jenny said...

You're not kidding cute family!