Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Time

After we put Brighton to bed on Friday, we broke out the Christmas decorations. Dale had the hard job- I made him put all the lights on. But he's really good at it huh? Look how pretty it is with just the lights on!
No, actually it's a pre-lit tree that we picked up on Friday from Costco. We've been talking about getting a fake tree. Dale's all for it, but it was a little hard for me to give up the wonderful smell. After a few hours, we were done! I am in love with our tree! (I wish now that I'd gotten started on those curtains already... they'd look great right about now.)
Since we have little B running around, we decided we'd hang the stockings above the TV. We didn't want her to pull the weights down on top of her head- that could be bad! And I put a bow on the bird cage that we have up there. It used to go on top of the tree, but the tree is so big, that the bow looks stupidly small.
Here's the man- the super tree decorator!
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Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

very cute! I only was able to see the first tree video. All the others came up as blank for some reason. Very cute presents you made too. I LOVE Brighton's skirt you made too. I was admiring it at church. Fun Fun

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, it's Megan from Church! We put all of our tree decorations on the top part of the tree because we didn't want him to be tempted with playing with them. To tell you the truth, he doesn't really like going near the tree. He knows what it is though and can almost say it! He goes "de de teeeee" So funny! Very cute home by the way!