Sunday, December 7, 2008


There are no words to describe the awesomeness of my friend Brenna. She's fabulous. And she was wonderful enough to share a picture of her Christmas tree on her blog that I think you all need to see. Why didn't I do this?

Speaking of Twilight, I've been dreaming about wonderful Edward lately. Ever since seeing the movie, all I want to do is re-read (for I don't even know what time) the Twilight series. Luckily for my sanity and the sake of everyone's Christmas presents, I've lent it to my mom and can't get to them until Christmas. But I will be devouring them (and, mentally, Edward) very soon. I can't wait. I might be just as excited to get my books back as I am to actually see my family. Plus, they live around the corner from Stephenie, and I will be stalking her, don't worry about that.

While day dreaming about cold marble skin, I realized I have something pretty dang close to an Edward of my own. While Dale isn't a blood sucking vampire (shucks), his middle name IS Edward, after his Grandpa Ed. I know, I'm blessed.


Brianne said...

Wow, that tree is over the top. Please don't become that obsessed, k??

Brenna said...

Yeah I can hardly function I am soooo obsessed... :)
Someone just sold thier Twilight tree at a charity function for $4,000! That is over the top! :)

P.S. Kim, I need your address, send it to brenna.castaneda @ gmail
Thanks! :)

Lisa said...

I knew you like Twlight, but wow! I'm glad to hear you have your own Edward to keep you out of trouble! Say hi to Dale for Matt and me!