Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quilt Along Update

I had quite a few squares to make up for, and then I got carried away and just finished up until I had the 70 all done. It's not officially day 70 until Sunday, so I'm good to stop procrastinating on making Mason's valance. The above are squares #55-62.
As I was making the squares, I was supposed to cut out a few extra- 144 little squares- for the border. I decided to count them out and see how many I had. WAY TOO MANY! I decided to make the rest of these squares out of those extras, so there's only one of each of these, instead of two like the others.
Yay! 70 squares and 144 border squares. I can't wait to get this thing pieced together. Hopefully I can get it all quilted and bound before the baby comes!
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In the words of Kim: said...

What an amazing gift you have Kimmie! You are ultra talented! Glad you are my friend - maybe your talent can rub off on me! or maybe you'll just take pitty on the old lady and throw her a bone of your talent! lol That will be a beautiful quilt!

Me and My Family said...

woo hooo I can't wait to see it all done!

Me and My Family said...

I saw an little girls apron online yesterday using the same apples and pears fabric that you have on your blog background. It was really cute. I thought you would like that one. I'll have to find it and send it to you.