Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning of the 4th

A good friend of mine that I used to work with got married on Saturday, the 4th of July. It was held at an old historic church in Port Gamble. Dale and I had never been over that way before, so we made sure to arrive an hour early so we could check things out. We had a photo shoot near the water. I'm huge and pregnant, and was in no mood to play model.
But Dale loves to pretend he's Derek Zoolander, so he enjoyed the photo opp.
We went into this store and saw tons of shells from all over the world, weird starfish with zillions of legs (I know, I thought they only had 5!) and stuffed sharks. Pretty cool.
Everything is kept in an old town feel with white picket fences everywhere. It was really a cute little town.
It being the Fourth of July, there were also flags and beautiful red, white and blue flowers everywhere.
Here's the groom (Jason) waiting for Sarah to come out and walk down the aisle. It was officiated by a woman minister, which was interesting, and different. The church was really small and could only hold about 50 people. It was really nice to have such an intimate little wedding. And the reception was held just outside in the yard of the church.

As favors, we were given sparklers- sticking with the whole July 4th theme. Here's me, modeling the beautiful favors. The best man gave a great toast- and when I say great, it was REALLY REALLY great. One thing he DID make a comment about was the fact that they were getting married on "Independence Day." An oxymoron of a day. It was really good.
Here's Sarah on the steps of the church tossing the bouquet. Her own mother caught it! Way to go mom! But I don't think she's hopeful about a wedding in her future... :)
This is not a pretty picture. It is meant to show you my absolute disgust with the wind. We're on the ferry ride home and Dale wanted to go outside and model. I hate the wind! It gets your hair messed up and caught in your lipgloss. It's why I will never own a convertible. I'd never have the top down. I hate my hair blowing around my face. UGH!

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Brianne said...

Dale should have flashed a nice "blue steel" look. Looks like you guys had a great time.