Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Labradoodle Pups

Last Tuesday evening we went over to my friend Heather's house to visit with her little pups. Brighton and Dale hadn't seen them yet, and they're finally at a fun (and safe for Brighton to grab) age to play with.
Brighton was wearing her new dress that I made using this tutorial from MADE. I'd picked up the shirt from the thrift store probably about a year ago and finally decided it need to be made into something quickly. I've tried to make things for friends or Brighton in between baby room stuff just to take a break from it. I think it turned out super cute!
I made this dress with the intentions of having it grow along with Brighton. I made a drawstring waist instead of elastic, and the hem can be let out another two inches as she gets taller. Dale laughed at me and said pretty much "You know you'll never let her keep it that long- you'll decide she needs something new." But I did make it with the INTENTION that it will last her a while, so I at least FEEL good about it.
Brighton was fine to just watch everyone else play with the puppies and get wet kisses.
Aren't they so cute? They're 8 weeks old, so new owners will be coming and taking them home in these next few weeks. So sad! I will miss them!
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Me and My Family said...

cute dress. Where did you get the tutorial for that one again?