Tuesday, July 28, 2009

34 Weeks

We took this picture this morning, but as of yesterday I am officially at 34 weeks. You can see the belly is really starting to wiggle its way out there. I don't look great; I just rolled out of bed, after a horrible night's sleep. But my hair doesn't look TOO bad for going to bed with dripping wet hair.

And just my luck, right at the end, we're suffering from a heat wave! I'm not uncomfortable enough- now it has to get into the 90's (and even reach 100 degrees) and we don't have any air conditioning in Washington. That means our house gets almost that hot, and the fans really don't seem to even make a dent. I sat in the living room yesterday with two of them pointing at me and I was miserable.

Other than the heat, and slowly getting more uncomfortable, things are just rolling smoothly. I've gained another pound putting me at a whopping 26 pound gain. We've got four and a half weeks until we induce, and I can't stop counting the days. I've got SEVERAL projects to finish up before then and I am STILL working on the nursery. Wish me luck, things just keep popping onto my "To Do" list.

And I'm super excited because my sister is going to come and stay with us for a week before the inducing and another week after! We're going to have so much fun together- I can't wait! So many things to look forward to!
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Brianne said...

It is SO hot. I wish I had A/C so I could invite you over.

Jenny-Jenny said...

I was thinking about you and this heat. Yikes. Not such a good time for extra insulation! You still look super cute though!