Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip To FORKS!

One of my bestest BYU buddies, Brandy, came to visit me this past week. She flew in last Wednesday and left Monday afternoon *sigh :( *tear. We had a fun packed week of shopping, eating, playing with Brighton, a wedding reception and what feels like DOZENS of ferry rides, as well as a much anticipated road trip to FORKS, WA, the mecca for Twilighters.
We got up early and tried to catch the ferry, only to end up waiting two hours to get on one. Ugh, if only we could get to Forks in a faster way than taking a ferry. I'm all ferried out for quite some time. But Brighton loved it. We kept her happy in the car by telling her soon we'd be on a boat. Finally aboard, all she could do was say "boat," "water," and "bird" and ask if she could give the birds hugs. She's very loving.
Brandy and I enjoying yet another ferry ride. Yay! We're going to FORKS!
Brighton asking to give the birds some hugs.
After a REALLY long traffic line for a lavender festival, we finally made it to Port Angeles, another important stop on the Twilight map. I seriously don't know where Bella and her friends would have shopped for dresses (all I saw was Walmart and Payless) but we were there nonetheless. Then it was on to Forks, along a windy road where we asked Dale to drive like a Cullen. There's no way we could even get over 45 mph. Edward is awesome for making it home with Bella alive and in such a short amount of time. It took us a few hours.
There was this gorgeous lake that we passed, the name eludes me at the moment. But it was such a wonderful blue color. Even though the drive to Forks was LONG, it was so gorgeous.Brandy and I laughing at each other being silly.
Finally here, after way too many hours to feel comfortable telling you. And I don't even think 3,175 people could live in this city. It's much too small to hold them all.
Right after we took this picture, a tour bus with "Twilight" written on the side, pulled up and unloaded several fans.
Pulling into town, we passed this motel. We just loved what their sign said.
We parked along the side of the main street, Forks Ave, and walked up and down (in like 15 minutes, maybe less).
We saw this giant tree stump declaring Forks the "Logging Capitol of the World." Awesome.
There REALLY is only one main street, just like in the book, and it's lined with shops like this one- gift shops dedicated to Twilight. Brandy and I hope that Stephenie Meyer is getting cut a nice fat royalty check. There's nothing in this town but Twilight stuff.
Check it out- Bella has her very own First Aid Kit for sale in this pharmacy.
A little ways off the main street, we found Carlisle's hospital. It's REALLY small.
Lucky for Bella, her house was just around the corner from the hospital.
Making our way to the other side of Forks Ave, we found Forks High! Go Spartans!
We kept Brighton entertained by giving her leaves. So easy to please at this age.
On our way to the Cullens, we passed by City Hall. Not a major attraction in Twilight, but we figured, since we're here...
The home of the Cullens. (It really is a bed and breakfast, but it's about the only home around that could pass for maybe belonging to the Cullens.)

The Cullens get mail, too!
On our way out of town, Dale decided he wanted to take a picture with Brighton, even though it was mostly a trip for Brandy and I. Thanks for driving Dale, you ROCK! Yay for Forks!


Brianne said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was cracking up through this whole post. I love how you talked about the book like it was real. I'm glad you were able to go to Twilight mecca.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun. The last time I was on a ferry was Thanksgiving 2007. Clayton was just itty bitty and we were going to Friday Harbor. In all my 22 years of living in WA I have never been to that part of it and I so wish I could go.

Brandy said...

Cerulean!!! Flippin lavender festival...we really should have burned it if they're going to arrest a pregnant woman! I miss you!

P.S. Make sure Dale has you make something for him only to refuse to eat it because there's no syrup...I truly feared for his life at that point :)

Lisa said...

What a fun trip! I LOVED your commentary and Twlight tie-ins.

Glazier's said...

What a fun trip! I'm so jealous!