Thursday, July 30, 2009

Because I've Got To Tell Someone

Dale is out of town, on the YM High Adventure camping trip, and currently has no service. What if I go into labor, you ask? No idea.

My family won't answer their cell phones. Besides, my ear gets too sweaty if I hold the phone up to it for too long. It's like a million degrees in my house.

And most of my friends probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

But I won a copy of Kanzashi In Bloom from CraftStylish. I'm WAY excited. If you're in the crafty blog circuit, you've probably seen this book on tons of them. I've entered like five giveaways for it and FINALLY won! I suppose it really doesn't hurt to keep trying.

Beware of folded flower gifts that just may be headed your way!


Lisa said...

I have a cell signal and am only a few hours away (depending on the boarder) if anything happens. And I feel you with the heat. I couldn't imagine being pregnant on top of all this heat. Sorry girl :(

Brianne said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Congrats!! You Rock little crafty one!

Me and My Family said...

It is never fun to be away from your husband for that long, especially while you are pregnant! I know, I just got finished with having Dan gone at scout camp a few weeks ago. If you do go into labor feel free to call me. I can take Brighton for you or, I could find a babysitter and take you to the hospital. Whatever you need. Congratulations on your win!