Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What I Did During The Heat Wave of '09

Dale was gone with the Priests for a high adventure camping trip during the heat wave. I, on the other hand, was stuck at home with no car, no A/C, and no desire to do anything that involved moving away from a fan.

So, I brought my sewing machine downstairs and got a ton of long awaited projects done because I could park my fat belly right in front of the fan for most of the day. I did nothing around the house and am suffering the consequences of that this week. Oh well.
I bought a onesie at Walmart a few weeks ago. I was inspired by this onesie refashion. Mine didn't turn out nearly as cute as Dana's, but definitely worth the $2 total that I spent on it.
The onesie was a size 6-9 months, but once you cut off those ridiculous snaps, it fits just like a shirt! And even Brighton likes it, with its cute popsicles all over it. Perfect for playing in the wee morning hours before it got too hot.
I made this diaper and wipes pouch (a la Brianne!) from some of my larger scraps. I'm still working on using those up by making pretty much anything I can think of out of them for little Mason (if you have any other ideas, let me know). Thanks again Bri, you rock. I'm glad you got to spend all that time figuring out how to make it, and then I can just steal your pattern from you. What are friends for, right?
I finally put my Quilt-Along quilt top together too. I'm dreading quilting this thing though. It's huge.
A woman that Dale works with is going to have a little boy in early November. She's requested a "hooter hider." I've made a few of these and never posted any up for you to see! The shame! I've used this tutorial each time. I decided to make her a diaper and wipes pouch (a la Brianne, again!) and a burp cloth from a cloth diaper, too.

I also managed to finish the rest of my Pay It Forward gifts but won't post up pictures until they've arrived in the mail or I've actually managed to get over and deliver them (obvs). Speaking of, Kimmy dear, be ready for me to knock down your door!

Dale and I hung stuff up on the walls in Mason's room. It's ALMOST done, but not quite, so you're just going to need to be patient for a teensy bit longer until I'm ready to share it. But I will tell you, it looks awesome. I could literally sit in there for hours and just admire its beauty.

Hope the rest of you here in the NW had a productive/lazy heat wave week like me, and lived through it to tell your tale.


Brianne said...

Nice job with the diaper and wipes pouches, they look great. I LOVE the quilt top. You are making me look so lazy. I was too hot to sew.

Anonymous said...

Everything is adorable! NICE JOB!

Me and My Family said...

wow Kim! That quilt top looks amazing! You got a ton done while it was hot! Way to go! My house is suffering the consequences of my laziness too but there was no way I was going to spend my energy cleaning when it was that hot! Can't wait to see Mason's room all done.

SeeJulieStamp said...

You should just take the quilt top to have it machine quilted. It isn't that expensive. I'll never tie a quilt or actually quilt one again. I like to piece the tops though. It is beautiful!