Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Sawyer Did During The Heat Wave Of '09

We were all hot, even the dog. He literally panted all day and all night. He couldn't drink enough water, or put enough belly on the cold tile. He spent Tuesday night sleeping in front of his own fan. I felt so terrible for him that I got him up out of bed in the early morning and gave him the hair cut of his life.
He looks miserable already, but that could just be his "I'm putting up with Brighton trying to brush me" face. He's had his traditional Westie cut for his entire life- three years.
He still seems a little embarrassed by being so naked but I can tell he feels so much better. Plus, with a baby coming he'll be easier for me to take care of for a little while: with his daily brushing, weekly nail clipping, weekly baths, and bi-monthly shots, the short hair will be more manageable.
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Brianne said...

I cannot get over that you cut all of his hair off.

Anonymous said...

We love puppies! We lived in Scotland for a while and we love Westies too. He looks a lot cooler without all of the hair!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Oh I'll bet he feels so much better!

Lisa said...

All that dog grooming paid off :)