Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brighton's Nursery

Dale is under the impression that Brighton got the shaft when it came to having her baby room decorated because Mason's is SOO incredibly awesome. I didn't know how to sew back then, and was totally uncrafty, but I think it was a great baby room.

I figured I'd share it with you before Mason's big "unveiling," for those who never got to see it in all its girly cuteness.

*Sorry too, for the really horrible pictures. These were taken with our old camera, and the lighting is never really all that great in this room anyways.*
There's the wonderful green chair that pretty much dictated what colors we'd be using for Mason's room.
The valance I found at the second hand store, and it just so happened to match her bedding- brand, colors and everything. It was a lucky find.
My sister made the cork board hanging on the left side of the window. It held pictures of B's ultrasound, and first cards, as well as a family picture.
The pink blanket on the chair was my grandma's baby blanket that her grandma made- very special.
And it's sort of hiding, but there's a square pillow in the chair that a friend made for B's first birthday.
The picture on the right of the window is one of my favorites- tulips in a tin can. I love this picture, and I've now stolen it back and am going to hang it in my sewing room.
You can also see the laundry basket that never got relined and stayed blue- oh well.

Here's the changing table wall. I made the BLH letters myself, and thought I was amazingly crafty for attempting it.
My sisters made the hair clip holder that you can just see (hot pink with the green B on it) peaking over the edge of the crib.
Not too much going on in this part of the room, though we used to have a "baby's first year" calender hanging on the other side of the changing table. It was packed away as soon as B turned one.

Nothing really great about this wall- it's the door to the room, this little wall, and the door to the closet. But I love the picture that is hanging here- it went so well with the pink and green in the room. I'm still trying to decide where to hang it in B's new room.
The little hanging hook thing on the wall was a hand me down from my mom and has a few precious things hanging on it:
1. A pearl baby bracelet that Dale gave to B her first Christmas.
2. An antique bib, with beautiful embroidery, that my mom gave to B.
3. A letter "B" with pearls on it.
4. A little hanging sign that I found at an antique store that says, "baby's room."

And finally, the bed. The sign above the crib says, "the Princess sleeps here." My mom found this at an antique store.
The "crown-like" decoration above the bed with the curtains, was a hand me down from my mom, too. It used to be in one of my sister's rooms, I think.
And you can see the bed skirt that was much too long. I made Mason's so that it won't ever look like this.

All in all, I think her room was fun. A very girly pink and green, and full of meaningful things. My only regret is that we never ended up painting the room. I just couldn't decide what color I wanted and then B was here, and we just never got around to it. So now you can see what we had to work with, and the drastic change from girly room, to awesome boy room. I really can't wait to show you!
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Anonymous said...

Well, Brighton's room is SOOOOO much better than Clayton's. When Aubrey does go in her own room she will be sharing with it can't be too girly or boyish! Poor them.
Her room did look good though. I like it a lot. Is she in a different room now so you didn't have to move all of the furniture or is Mason going to be in a different room?